Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Spider Cobwebs

We just learned about the spiders named orb weavers that build the big spiral webs.

Some spiders spin other types of webs called tangle webs or cobwebs.

Usually when we think of cobwebs they're messy dirty webs that are not well taken care of.
Sometimes cobweb spiders make them like that, but others have many different types.

(from: wikipedia - latrodectus)

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Subclavian Artery

We've learned that the aorta carries oxygenated blood from the heart, up to the aortic arch and then to the carotid arteries to bring blood to the neck and head.

The aortic arch also has two other arteries called the left and right subclavian arteries.

They carry the oxygenated blood to your left and right arms.

(from: wikipedia - subclavian artery)

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Monday, January 26, 2015


Kansas is a state in the US, right in the middle of the 48 states that are all connected.

It's nicknames are The Sunflower State and The Wheat State.
It's motto is Ad astra per aspera which means Through Hardships to the Stars.

It was named after the Native American tribes that lived there.

(from: wikipedia - kansas)

The flag of Kansas is dark blue, and has the state seal in the middle of it, with a sunflower above the seal.

In the seal are many things that were part of Kansas history, like a river and steamboat, a wagon train, some Native Americans hunting bison, a cabin and a man plowing a field.

There are 34 stars on the seal because Kansas was the 34th state to be added to the US.

(from: wikipedia - flag of kansas)

In the story of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the little girl Dorothy's home was in Kansas.
One of the little girl's most famous sayings in the movie was "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."
(from: wikipedia - the wizard of oz (1939 film))

Every year the town of Liberal Kansas has a race called the International Pancake Day race, where they invite people from Olney England to come run a race carrying a skillet with a pancake in it.

(from: wikipedia - shrove tuesday)

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Jesus Trial - Sanhedrin

After Jesus was arrested by the people who didn't like him, they took him to the leaders of the Hebrews at that time, a group of people called the Sanhedrin that were in charge of making sure people were following God's laws.

Most of them did not like Jesus and thought he was causing problems with the people, and they did not believe he was the son of God.

They made fun of him, beat him, and asked him many questions.
When they asked him if he was Christ the son of God, he said that he was.

For the Hebrews, it was against the law for a person to say that, and they did not believe that Jesus really was the son of God.
So they said that he was guilty of blasphemy, which means saying things against God.

(from: wikipedia - sanhedrin trial of jesus)

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Impression, Sunrise

We just learned about the famous work of art the Raphael Rooms by artist Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, also known as Raphael.

Another famous work of art is the painting Impression, Sunrise by artist Claude Monet.

When Monet made this painting, he used very small thin brush strokes.
He tried to make the sunlight look right in his paintings.
He tried to paint simple things like boats, and he tried to paint things that were moving.

When he made this painting, some of the people looking at his art did not like it, so they used the word Impressionism to describe his painting.
Lots of other people liked this style of painting a lot, and they started painting that way.
Today Monet is one of the most famous painters in history.

In this painting you may notice the bright red sun, and the lines in the painting that make it look like things have movement.

(from: wikipedia - impression, sunrise)

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Friday, January 23, 2015

German - Cow, Chicken, Pig

We already know that in German, dog is hunt and cat is cat-suh.

Now let's learn about some farm animals!

cow - Kuh - sounds like koo /?/

chicken - Huhn - sounds like hoon /?/

pig - Schwein - sounds like sh-vah-een /?/

Also in German cows say muh, chickens say gak-gak, and pigs say grunzen!

Goethe Institute
(from: wikipedia - Goethe Institute)

Do you remember how to say it in Spanish?
vaca, pollo, cerdo

Do you remember how to say it in French?
vache, poulet, porc

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cumulonimbus Clouds

We just learned that cirrus clouds are thin wispy stringy clouds way up high in the sky,
and cumulus clouds are big and puffy, almost like cotton balls.

Another cloud type is called a cumulonimbus cloud.
They are usually tall and mushroom shaped, and they are usually around in thunderstorms, lightning and even sometimes tornadoes.

(from: wikipedia - cumulonimbus cloud)

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