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Friday, August 30, 2019

Norwegian - Counting to Eighty Nine

We counted to 79 in Norwegian, let's keep going!

80 åtti - sounds like aw-tee
81 åttiett - sounds like aw-tee eh-t
82 åttito - sounds like aw-tee too
83 åttitre - sounds like aw-tee t-day
84 åttifire - sounds like aw-tee fee-dah
85 åttifem - sounds like aw-tee fam
86 åttiseks - sounds like aw-tee seh-ks
87 åttisyv - sounds like aw-tee see-v
88 åtti οκτώ - sounds like aw-tee aw-tuh
89 åttini - sounds like aw-tee nee

norwegian language
(from: wikipedia - norwegian language)

Greek: ογδόντα (ogdónta), ογδόντα ένα (ogdónta éna), ογδόντα δύο (ogdónta dýo), ογδόντα τρεις (ogdónta treis), ογδόντα τέσσερις (ogdónta tésseris), ογδόντα πέντε (ogdónta pénte), ογδόντα έξι (ogdónta éxi), ογδόντα επτά (ogdónta eptá), ογδόντα οκτώ (ogdónta októ), ογδόντα εννέα (ogdónta ennéa)

ASL: eighty, eighty one, eighty two, eighty three, eighty four, eighty five, eighty six, eighty seven, eighty eight, eighty nine

Italian: ottanta, unottanta, ottantadue, ottantatre, ottantaquattro, ottantacinque, ottantasei, ottantasette, ottantotto, ottantanove

German: achtzig, einundachtzig, zweiundachtzig, dreiundachtzig, vierundachtzig, fünfundachtzig, sechsundachtzig, siebenundachtzig, achtundachtzig, neunundachtzig

Spanish: ochenta, ochenta y uno, ochenta y dos, ochenta y tres, ochenta y cuatro, ochenta y cinco, ochenta y seis, ochenta y siete, ochenta y ocho, ochenta y nueve

French: quatre-vingts, quatre-vingts-un, quatre vingt deux, quatre vingt trois, quatre vingt quatre, quatre vingt cinq, quatre vingt six, quatre vingt sept, quatre vingt huit, quatre vingt neuf

Friday, August 23, 2019

Norwegian - Counting to Seventy Nine

We counted to 69 in Norwegian, let's keep going!

70 sytti - sounds like seh-tee
71 sytti en - sounds like seh-tee ay-uhn
72 syttito - sounds like seh-tee too
73 syttitre - sounds like seh-tee t-day
74 sytti-fire - sounds like seh-tee fee-dah
75 syttifem - sounds like seh-tee fam
76 syttiseks - sounds like seh-tee seh-ks
77 sytti syv - sounds like seh-tee see-v
78 syttiåtte - sounds like seh-tee oh-tuh
79 syttini - sounds like seh-tee nee

norwegian language
(from: wikipedia - norwegian language)

Greek: εβδομήντα (evdomínta), εβδομήντα ένα (evdomínta éna), εβδομήντα δύο (evdomínta dýo), εβδομήντα τρεις (evdomínta treis), εβδομήντα τέσσερις (evdomínta tésseris), εβδομήντα πέντε (evdomínta pénte), εβδομήντα έξι (evdomínta éxi), εβδομήντα επτά (evdomínta eptá), εβδομήντα οκτώ (evdomínta októ), εβδομήντα εννέα (evdomínta ennéa)

ASL: seventy, seventy one, seventy two, seventy three, seventy four, seventy five, seventy six, seventy seven, seventy eight, seventy nine

Italian: settanta, settantuno, settantadue, settantatre, settantaquattro, settantacinque, settantasei, settantasette, settantotto, settantanove

German: siebzig, einundsiebzig, zweiundsiebzig, dreiundsiebzig, vierundsiebzig, fünfundsiebzig, sechsundsiebzig, siebenundsiebzig, achtundsiebzig, neunundsiebzig

Spanish: setenta, setenta y uno, setenta y dos, setenta y tres, setenta y cuatro, setenta y cinco, setenta y seis, setenta y siete, setenta y ocho, setenta y nueve

French: soixante-dix, soixante et onze, soixante-douze, soixante-treize, soixante-quatorze, soixante-quinze, soixante-seize, soixante dix sept, soixante dix huit, soixante dix neuf

Friday, August 16, 2019

Norwegian - Counting to sixty nine

We counted to 59 in Norwegian, let's keep going!

60 seksti - sounds like seh-ks dee
61 sekstien - sounds like seh-ks dee ay-uh-n
62 seksti to - sounds like seh-ks dee too
63 sekstitre - sounds like seh-ks dee t-day
64 sekstifire - sounds like seh-ks dee fee-duh
65 sekstifem - sounds like seh-ks dee fam
66 sekstiseks - sounds like seh-ks dee seh-ks
67 sekstisju - sounds like seh-ks dee shoo
68 seksti åtte - sounds like seh-ks dee oh-tuh
69 sekstini - sounds like seh-ks dee nee

norwegian language
(from: wikipedia - norwegian language)

Greek: εξήντα (exínta), εξήντα ένα (exínta éna), εξήντα δύο (exínta dýo), εξήντα τρεις (exínta treis), εξήντα τέσσερις (exínta tésseris), εξήντα πέντε (exínta pénte), εξήντα έξι (exínta éxi), εξήντα επτά (exínta eptá), εξήντα οκτώ (exínta októ), εξήντα εννέα (exínta ennéa)

ASL: fifty, fifty one, fifty two, fifty three, fifty four, fifty five, fifty six, fifty seven, fifty eight, fifty nine

Italian: sessanta, sessantuno, sessantadue, sessantatre, sessantaquattro, sessantacinque, sessantasei, sessantasette, sessantotto, sessantanove

German: sechzig, einundsechzig, zweiundsechzig, dreiundsechzig, vierundsechzig, fünfundsechzig, sechsundsechzig, siebenundsechzig, achtundsechzig, neunundsechzig

Spanish: sesenta, sesenta y uno, sesenta y dos, sesenta y tres, sesenta y cuatro, sesenta y cinco, sesenta y seis, sesenta y siete, sesenta y ocho, sesenta y nueve

French: soixante, soixante et un, soixante-deux, soixante-trois, soixante-quatre, soixante-cinq, soixante-six, soixante-sept, soixante-huit, soixante-neuf

Friday, August 9, 2019

Norwegian - Counting to Fifty Nine

We counted to 49 in Norwegian, let's keep going!

50 femti - sounds like feh-m-tee
51 femtien - sounds like feh-m-tee ay-uh-n
52 femtito - sounds like feh-m-tee too
53 femtitre - sounds like feh-m-tee t-day
54 femtifire - sounds like feh-m-tee fee-dah
55 femtifem - sounds like feh-m-tee feh-m
56 femtiseks - sounds like feh-m-tee seks
57 femtisyv - sounds like feh-m-tee seev
58 femti - sounds like feh-m-tee fee-dah
59 femti ni - sounds like feh-m-tee nee

norwegian language
(from: wikipedia - norwegian language)

Greek: πενήντα (penínta), πενήντα ένα (penínta éna), πενήντα δύο (penínta dýo), πενήντα τρεις (penínta treis), πενήντα τέσσερις (penínta tésseris), πενήντα πέντε (penínta pénte), πενήντα έξι (penínta éxi), πενήντα επτά (penínta eptá), πενήντα οκτώ (penínta októ), πενήντα εννέα (penínta ennéa)

ASL: Fifty, fifty one, fifty two, fifty three, fifty four, fifty five, fifty six, fifty seven, fifty eight, fifty nine

Italian: cinquanta, cinquantuno, cinquanta due, cinquanta tre, cinquantaquattro, cinquantacinque, cinquantasei, cinquantasette, cinquantotto, cinquantanove

German: fünfzig, einundfünfzig, zweiundfünfzig, dreiundfünfzig, vierundfünfzig, fünfundfünfzig, sechsundfünfzig, siebenundfünfzig, achtundfünfzig, neunundfünfzig

Spanish: cincuenta, cincuenta y uno, cincuenta y dos, cincuenta y tres, cincuenta y cuatro, cincuenta y cinco, cincuenta y seis, cincuenta y siete, cincuenta y ocho, cincuenta y nueve

French: cinquante, cinquante et un, cinquante-deux, cinquante-trois, cinquante-quatre, cinquante-cinq, cinquante-six, cinquante-sept, cinquante-huit, cinquante-deux

Friday, August 2, 2019

Norwegian - Counting to Forty Nine

We counted to 39 in Norwegian, let's keep going!

40 førti - sounds like feh-r-tee
41 førtien - sounds like feh-r-tee eh-n
42 førtito - sounds like feh-r-tee too
43 førtitre - sounds like feh-r-tee t-day
44 førtifire - sounds like feh-r-tee fee-duh
45 førtifem - sounds like feh-r-tee feh-m
46 førtiseks - sounds like feh-r-tee seks
47 førtisyv - sounds like feh-r-tee see-v
48 førtiåtte - sounds like feh-r-tee oh-tuh
49 førtini - sounds like feh-r-tee nee

norwegian language
(from: wikipedia - norwegian language)

Greek: τσαράντα (saránta), τσαράντα ένα (saránta éna), τσαράντα δύο (saránta dýo), τσαράντα τρεις (saránta treis), τσαράντα τέσσερις (saránta tésseris), τσαράντα πέντε (saránta pénte), τσαράντα έξι (saránta éxi), τσαράντα επτά (saránta eptá), τσαράντα οκτώ (saránta októ), τσαράντα εννέα (saránta ennéa)

ASL: forty, forty one, forty two, forty three, forty four, forty five, forty six, forty seven, forty eight, forty nine

Italian: quaranta, quarantuno, quarantadue, quarantatre, quarantaquattro, quarantacinque, quarantasei, quarantasette, quarantotto, quarantanove

German: vierzig, einundvierzig, zweiundvierzig, dreiundvierzig, vierundvierzig, fünfundvierzig, sechsundvierzig, siebenundvierzig, achtundvierzig, neunundvierzig

Spanish: quarenta, quarenta y uno, quarenta y dos, quarenta y tres, quarenta y cuatro, quarenta y cinco, quarenta y seis, quarenta y siete, quarenta y ocho, quarenta y nueve

French: quarante, quarante et un, quarante-deux, quarante-trois, quarante-quatre, quarante-cinq, quarante-six, quarante-sept, quarante-huit, quarante-neuf