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Wednesday, January 20, 2021


We just learned about the Chimpanzee.

Another type of primate is the Gorilla.

A gorilla can grow to be 500 lbs and about 6 feet tall.
They have very long arms, and their arm span can be voer 8 feet long.
Most gorillas live to be over 35 years, and the oldest gorilla ever was 60 years old.

Gorillas can walk on their feet, but usually they do what is called knuckle walking, meaning they walk on all fours but using the knuckles of their handles.
They sleep in nests on the ground made of branches, and they eat leaves, fruits or sometimes bugs.

Grownup male gorillas get silvery grey fur on their back, which is where they get the knickname of silverbacks.
A family of gorillas is called a troop, and is usually made up of one adult male, a few adult females, and a bunch of young gorillas.
Young male gorillas are called blackbacks because they don't have the grey fur yet.
Once they get older they leave the troop and go try to find female gorillas to start their own troop.
Male gorillas help keep the troop safe from other gorillas and other animals that might attack the troop.

All gorillas live in Africa, and there are two different main types of gorillas, eastern gorillas and western gorillas.
There are four types gorillas: Western lowland gorillas, cross river gorillas, mountain gorillas and eastern lowland gorillas.

Most of these gorillas look a lot alike, but some have longer fur, red fur, smaller bodies or longer faces.
Gorillas are very smart and sometimes use tools like rocks or sticks.
They talk to each other using hoots, grunts, barks, screams and roars.
Some gorillas in captivity have even been known to learn sign language.

(from: wikipedia - gorilla)

Adorable Baby Gorilla - Rib Ticklers

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Wednesday, January 13, 2021


Let's keep learning about Primates.

One type of primate is the Chimpanzee, also called the common chimpanzee or robust chimpanzee.

This type of primate is the most like a human of any other primate.
Their skeletons, brains, and bodies are the most alike humans, and the way they act toward each other is a lot like humans can.

Chimpanzees are usually about 150 pounds and about 4 feet tall.
There is another type of chimpanzee called the "bonobo" that is a lot like the common chimpanzee, but a little smaller.

Chimpanzees have dark hair all over their bodies, except for their face, the inside of their hands and the bottoms of their feet.
With hands like humans, chimps can climb trees, and even use sticks and rocks like tools.
Their feet are more like a human hand, which helps them climbing trees.

These primates hang around in all different types of groups.
Sometimes there are groups of males that go hunting together, sometimes groups of females working together to help raise babies, and sometimes groups of males, females, babies and old chimps all staying together.

They live in forests, climb trees, are covered in fur and make loud screeching sounds, but these primates are the closest things to a cousin that humans have in the animal kingdom.

(from: wikipedia - chimpanzee)

Baby Chimpanzees Playing With Bubbles - BBC Earth

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Wednesday, January 6, 2021


We've learned a whole lot about Cats! From the wild tigers and lions to the tabby and calico house cats.

Let's learn about Primates!

There are a lot of animals that are primates, like gorillas, monkeys. Humans are also primates, which means gorillas and monkeys are like our cousins!
Obviously humans look and act different and are a lot smarter, but there are also a lot of things that humans have the same with other primates.

All primates have big brains, good eyes, can see in color, and can move around their arms and shoulders better than other animals.

Some are very big, like gorillas weighing over 400 pounds, and some are very small like small lemurs weighing less than a pound.

Primates are different than a lot of other animals, because they can walk on two legs, and can easily climb trees.
They like to live together with their families, so they do not like to live alone like a tiger.

Only humans can make enough sounds to make words like they do, but some chimpanzees and gorillas have learned to use some words in sign language!
Humans are the smartest living things on the planet, so it's no surprise that some other primates that have brains and bodies a lot like ours are pretty smart too.

(from: wikipedia - primate)

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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Ojos Azules

We just learned about the type of cat called the Egyptian Mau.

Another type of cat is the Ojos Azules.

This is a type of cat from Mexico, that has big blue eyes.
The name of the cat means "blue eyes".

They can have any color fur, and they usually have white on the ends of their nose, tail and paws.

(from: wikipedia - ojos azules)

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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Egyptian Mau

We just learned about the Asian Semi-longhair.

Another type of cat is the Egyptian Mau.

These cats can be lots of different colors, like grey, black, brown, yellow, or even blue.
They all have green eyes, spots on their fur, and a long black line that goes down their back.
On their head they can either have the M shape like a tabby cat, or a shape that some people think looks like a scarab beetle.

Egyptian Maus are one of the oldest types of cats, and many people think they are where other house cats came from.
They have long back legs, which helps them run fast.
These are the fastest cats in the world, running over 30 miles per hour!

(from: wikipedia - egyptian mau)

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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Asian Semi-longhair

We just learned about the Cyprus Cat.

Another type of cat is the Asian Semi-longhair.

This cat is also sometimes called by the name of Tiffanie.

It is a gentle cat that has a lot of energy and personality.
These cats love their owners so much that they get jealous if other cats come around, and they will meow a lot if they do not get enough attention from their owner.

(from: wikipedia - asian semi-longhair)

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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Cyprus Cat

We just learned about the Chantilly-Tiffany cat.

Another type of cat is the Cyprus Cat.

In the country of Cyprus there is a grave from almost 10,000 years ago with a person buried next to their pet cat.
It is the oldest grave anyone has found showing that humans kept cats as pets.

Some people say that this type of cat came from that line of original pets.

Other people think they came from in 328 AD when Saint Helen the mother of Emperor Constantine sent hundreds of cats to a monastery in Cyprus to help control the snake problem they were having.

There is even still an old monastery in the Cyprus town of Akrotiri called the Monastery of St. Nicholas of the Cats.

Wherever they came from, the Cyprus cats have thick hair and have lots of energy and are very good at jumping and running.
They can have different types of white or brown fur, but no spots, and their ears stick out in a V shape instead of straight up.

(from: wikipedia - cyprus cat)

(from: wikipedia - akrotiri (village))

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Wednesday, December 2, 2020


We just learned about the Bengal Cat.

Another type of cat is the Chantilly-Tiffany.

This type of cat has a long full coat with soft and silky fur.
They have golden eyes that get brighter as they get older.

These cats usually are in a chocolate brown color, but they can also be blue, light brown or even tabby.

(from: wikipedia - chantilly-tiffany)

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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Bengal Cat

We just learned about the Savannah Cat.

Another type of cat is the Bengal Cat.

This cat came from the wild Leopard Cat mixed with a house cat that was more calm and would be a good pet.

They have golden fur, with dark spots on them just like a leopard.
Because they came from a wild cat, they have lots of energy and need a lot of attention.

(from: wikipedia - bengal cat)

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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Savannah Cat

We just learned about the Sphynx Cat.

Another type of cat is the Savannah Cat.

This type of cat is a cross between a normal house cat and the wild Serval cat.
They usually weigh about 15 pounds, which is a lot smaller than the 40 pound serval cat.
On their ears they have the same markings, and their fur is spotted just like the serval.
Their legs are longer than a normal cats, but not super long like the wild serval.

(from: wikipedia - savannah cat)

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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Sphynx Cat

We just learned about the Persian Cat.

Another type of cat is the Sphynx Cat.

This is a type of cat with no fur.
One funny thing about their skin is that even though they don't have fur their skin can be different colors, and if fur did grow from that skin it would be the same color as that skin..

Because they don't have fur they cat get cold, and they can either wear clothes made for them or they will go try and find warm places to curl up.

(from: wikipedia - sphynx cat)

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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Persian Cat

We just learned about the Scottish Fold Cat.

Another type of cat is the Persian Cat.

This type of cat has long fur, and a flat face that makes it look grumpy.
The villan cat Mr. Tinkles from the movie Cats and Dogs was a Persian Cat.

Persian cats can have just about any type of fur color, from orange to grey to all white.

(from: wikipedia - persian cat)

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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Scottish Fold

We just learned about the Siamese Cat.

Another type of cat is the Scottish Fold.

This type of cat started out in 1961 when a cat named Susie was born in Scotland with their ears flopped over forward instead of sticking up like other cats.

Susies kittens had folded ears too, and after that Susie's grandkittens and so on and the breed of Scottish Fold was born.

(from: wikipedia - scottish fold)

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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Siamese Cat

We just learned about the Tabby Cat.

Another type of cat is the Siamese Cat.

This type of cat first came from the Asian country of Thailand. This country used to be called Siam, so that is why it is called the Siamese cat.

These cats have blue eyes, big ears, a skinny body.
Most of the time when people think of Siamese cats they picture the white fur on their body and then brown black fur on their face, ears or legs.

Siamese cats can actually have different colored fur at any part of their body, but they are most often white with brown points.

(from: wikipedia - siamese cat)

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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Tabby Cat

We just learned about the Calico Cat.

Another type of cat is a Tabby Cat.

Just like the calico, tabby isn't a type of cat breed, it is just a type of fur style that can be on just about any breed of domestic cat.

A tabby cat is any cat that has an M shaped mark on their forehead, and stripes on its body.

(from: wikipedia - tabby cat)

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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Calico Cat

We just learned about the Napoleon Cat.

Another type of cat is the Calico Cat.

This type of cat has fur with three different colors, usually white, orange, and black.

There are a bunch of different types of cats that sometimes have this type of fur, like the American Shorthair, the Persian Cat, or the Japanese Bobtail.

Calico is just a way to describe the type of fur a cat has, it is not an actual type of cat like Napoleon Cat.

One interesting thing about these types of cats, is that they are almost always girl cats!
It is very rare for boy cats to have calico three color patched fur.

(from: wikipedia - calico cat)

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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Napolean Cat

We just learned about the Domestic Cat.

One type of domestic cat is a Napolean Cat or Minuet.

This is a cat with a normal sized body, but with short legs.

Even though they have short legs, they can still run jump and play just like any other cat.

(from: wikipedia - minuet cat)

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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Domestic Cat

We just learned about the European Wildcat.

Another type of cat is the Domestic Cat, also called felis catus.

Domestic means being friendly in a house.
Cats have been friends and helpers to humans for thousands of years!

Scientists think cats and people first became friends because cats would help catch mice and rats that were pests in the house, and because they were friendly and liked to be petted and played with.

Just like there are a bunch of types of dogs out there, some people have named about 60 different types of cats.
Some types are like tabby, siamese or kinkalow!

There are are about 95 million pet cats in the USA.

(from: wikipedia - cat)

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

European Wildcat

We just learned about the African Wildcat.

Another type of wild cat is the European Wildcat, also called felis silvestris.

This type of cat is brown and grey, with some dark stripes on its face, body and tail.
These cats are about 2 feet long, and weigh about 17 pounds.
They live mostly in forests and mountains of eastern europe.

They look a lot like a normal house cat, but they are usually bigger and thicker with longer fur.

Sylvester the Cat from the Looney Tunes cartoons was named after the science name for this cat, felis silvestris.

(from: wikipedia - european wildcat)

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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

African Wildcat

We just learned about the Chinese Mountain Cat.

Another type of wild cat is the African Wildcat.

This cat lives in Africa & Asia.
It has grey or red fur, with black tufts on its ears, stripes on its face and legs, and a ringed tail.

The African Wildcat is a small cat, about 2 feet long and weighing about 10 pounds.
When it gets scared, it puffs its hair out to look bigger, but it usually hides out in the bushes.

We know that humans have kept cats as pets for a long time, and one time someone found ancient bones of an African Wildcat with a human, going back 9,500 years!

(from: wikipedia - african wildcat)

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