Sunday, May 8, 2022

Down to the River to Pray

We just learned about the Christian song Were You There.

Another famous Christian song is Down to the River to Pray, sometimes also called Dotn in the River to Pray, Down in the Valley to Pray, The Good Old Way, or Come Let Us All Go Down.

This is another very old song, that was first put into a song book around 1867 in America.

No one knows who first wrote this song, but it was sung by African Americans who sang songs about God and Jesus while they were slaves.
Before the civil war happened, people had slaves in the southern parts of America.
There were people in northern part of Americat that wanted to get rid of slavery.

In the south the bad people would argue that African Americans weren't actually even human.
So some northern people went down to southern slave plantations and wrote down a bunch of the songs that the slaves were singing, just like this one.
They put the songs into a book called Slave Songs of the United States, and printed the book for everyone to read.
In that way they showed that African Americans weren't just people, but God loving Christian people that needed to be saved from slavery.

As I went down in the valley to pray, Studying about that good old way,
When you shall wear the starry crown, Good Lord, show me the way.
O mourner, let's go down, let's go down, let's go down,
O mourner, let's go down, Down in the valley to pray

(from: wikipedia - down in the river to pray)

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Saturday, May 7, 2022

The Last Judgement - Sistine Chapel Altar - Michelangelo

We just learned about Michelangelo's painting of Jesus' Ancestors on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Another famous painting by Michelangelo wsa The Last Judgement.

This is also at the Sistine Chapel, but is behind the altar.
Just like the ceiling at this chapel, it is a huge painting with over 300 people in the painting and lots of different things going on in the painting.

The painting tells the story of the Second Cominng of Christ when the Bible says that God will come down from heaven some day.
It took Michelangelo over 4 years to finish, some time around the year 1541.

The left side of the painting shows good people that are going up to heaven.
The right side of the painting shows bad people that are going down to hell.
In the middle of the painting are Jesus and his mother Mary.

(from: wikipedia - the last judgement (michelangelo))

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Friday, May 6, 2022

Hindi - Thursday, Friday

We just learned that Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday in Hindi is सोमवार (somavaar), मंगलवार (mangalavaar), बुधवार (budhavaar).

Let's keep learning the days of the week!

Thursday - गुरूवार - (guroovaar) sounds like goo-droo-vah-dr - 文A

Friday - शुक्रवार -(shukravaar) sounds like shuh-krah-vah-dr - 文A

hindi devanagari
(from: wikipedia - devanagari)

Swahili: Alhamisi, Ijumaa

Russian: Четверг (Chetverg), пятница (Pyatnitsa)

Norwegian: Torsdag, Fredag

Greek: Πέμπτη (Pémpti), Παρασκευή (Paraskeví)

ASL: Thursday, Friday

Italian: Giovedì, Venerdì

German: Donnerstag, Freitag

Spanish: Viernes, Jueves

French: Jeudi, Vendredi

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Making Oil

We just learned about the Chrome Browser, and a lot of other things about Computers!

Let's learn a little about something else.

One of the things that is used a lot in our world is Oil.
We use oil to create gasoline for cars, but also to make moving things slippery.
Oil is also used for things like making plastics, or even things like bubble gum and toothpaste.

But how do we get toothpaste from the sticky dark oil in the ground?
The way that we get oil out of the ground is called refining.

The oil refineries take the sticky dark oil, and turn it into many different types of oils that can then be sold for use in cars, plastics or other things.

(from: wikipedia - petroleum refining processes)

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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Asian Small-Clawed Otter

We just learned about the Marbled Polecat.

Another animal in the same family is the Asian Small-Clawed Otter.

These otters are the smallest type of otter in the world, growing only to about 80 centimeters long, and weighing about 3 kilograms.
Just like you would think from their name, they have very short clas that don't go past their webbed feet.

These little animals live in south Asia, and unlike some other otters they love to hang out with their other otter friends and will sometimes live with 20 other otters!
They are pretty smart too, and they know that if they catch a crab they can lay it out in the sun for the shell to dry out so they can crack it easier.

(from: wikipedia - asian small-clawed otter)

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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Olfactory Receptor Neuron

We just learned about the Olfactory Receptor.

Another part of the nose is the Olfactory Receptor Neuron.

The word "olfactory" means something to do with the sense of smell.
In Latin the word olere later turned into the English word odor, so olfactory means something like the smells factory.

The Olfactory Receptor we already learned about is where smells come in and get turned into messages for the brain.
The Olfactory Receptor Neurons are what take those messages from the Receptors and pass them on to the brain to understand what smells you are smelling.

(from: wikipedia - olfactory receptor neuron)

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Monday, May 2, 2022

British Virgin Islands

We just learned about the country of Aruba

Let's learn a little about the country of British Virgin Islands!

This country is in the Caribbean, and is made up of 4 main islands and over 50 smaller ones.
It is about 150 square kilometers, and about 30,000 people live there.
The people in this country speak most English, and sometimes Spanish.

(from: wikipedia - british virgin islands)

The flag of the British Virgin Islands is blue with the British flag and the Virgin Islands coat of arms on it.
The coat of arms has Saint Ursula holding a gold lamp and 11 other lamps, and the word Vigilate which menas Be Watchful.

(from: wikipedia - flag of the british virgin islands)

To eat in this country you might have roti, which is a type of flatbread.

(from: wikipedia - roti)

Visiting this country you might go see The Baths, which is a famous beach that also has very large boulders all over it and some tunnels and archways.

(from: wikipedia - the baths)

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