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Monday, February 22, 2016

Lake Vostok

We just learned about the lake Lake Balkhash.

Another lake is called Lake Vostok.

This is the largest lake on the continent of Antarctica, and it is actually 13,000 feet under the ice.

Scientists used lasers to find the lake, and then drilled down through the ice to try and get some water.
They want to test that water to see if it is different, because it has been trapped under the ice for a very long time.

(from: wikipedia - lake vostok)

Kid Facts - Blast from the past: Maryland

Monday, November 12, 2012


We just learned about the country of Australia.

The big frozen chunk of ice at the bottom of planet earth is called Antarctica.
(From: Wikipedia - antarctica)

It's another continent, just like North America and Australia.

Not many things can live in the frozen cold of Antarctica!
Living on the land are penguins and seals.

And living under the water are blue whales, orcas and colossal squid!
colossal squid