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Friday, August 2, 2019

Norwegian - Counting to Forty Nine

We counted to 39 in Norwegian, let's keep going!

40 førti - sounds like feh-r-tee
41 førtien - sounds like feh-r-tee eh-n
42 førtito - sounds like feh-r-tee too
43 førtitre - sounds like feh-r-tee t-day
44 førtifire - sounds like feh-r-tee fee-duh
45 førtifem - sounds like feh-r-tee feh-m
46 førtiseks - sounds like feh-r-tee seks
47 førtisyv - sounds like feh-r-tee see-v
48 førtiåtte - sounds like feh-r-tee oh-tuh
49 førtini - sounds like feh-r-tee nee

norwegian language
(from: wikipedia - norwegian language)

Greek: τσαράντα (saránta), τσαράντα ένα (saránta éna), τσαράντα δύο (saránta dýo), τσαράντα τρεις (saránta treis), τσαράντα τέσσερις (saránta tésseris), τσαράντα πέντε (saránta pénte), τσαράντα έξι (saránta éxi), τσαράντα επτά (saránta eptá), τσαράντα οκτώ (saránta októ), τσαράντα εννέα (saránta ennéa) ASL: forty, forty one, forty two, forty three, forty four, forty five, forty six, forty seven, forty eight, forty nine

Italian: quaranta, quarantuno, quarantadue, quarantatre, quarantaquattro, quarantacinque, quarantasei, quarantasette, quarantotto, quarantanove

German: vierzig, einundvierzig, zweiundvierzig, dreiundvierzig, vierundvierzig, fünfundvierzig, sechsundvierzig, siebenundvierzig, achtundvierzig, neunundvierzig

Spanish: quarenta, quarenta y uno, quarenta y dos, quarenta y tres, quarenta y cuatro, quarenta y cinco, quarenta y seis, quarenta y siete, quarenta y ocho, quarenta y nueve

French: quarante, quarante et un, quarante-deux, quarante-trois, quarante-quatre, quarante-cinq, quarante-six, quarante-sept, quarante-huit, quarante-neuf

Friday, July 26, 2019

Norwegian - Counting to Thirty Nine

We counted to 29 in Norwegian, let's keep going!

30 tretti - sounds like t-deh-tay
31 trettien - sounds like t-deh-tee ay-ah-n
32 trettito - sounds like t-deh-tee too
33 tretti tre - sounds like t-deh-tee t-day-ah
34 trettifire - sounds like t-deh-tee fee-dah
35 trettifem - sounds like t-deh-tee fam
36 trettiseks - sounds like t-deh-tee seks
37 trettisyv - sounds like t-deh-tee see-v
38 trettiåtte - sounds like t-deh-tee oh-k-tuh
39 trettini - sounds like t-deh-tee nee

norwegian language
(from: wikipedia - norwegian language)

Greek: τριάντα (triánta), τριάντα ένα (triánta éna), τριάντα δύο (triánta dýo), τριάντα τρεις (triánta treis), τριάντα τέσσερις (triánta tésseris), τριάντα πέντε (triánta pénte), τριάντα έξι (triánta éxi), τριάντα επτά (triánta eptá), τριάντα οκτώ (triánta októ), τριάντα εννέα (triánta ennéa)

ASL: thirty, thirty one, thirty two, thirty three, thirty four, thirty five, thirty six, thirty seven, thirty eight, thirty nine

Italian: Trenta, trentuno, trentadue, trentatré, trentaquattro, trentacinque, trentasei, trentasette, trentotto, trentanove

German: einunddreißig, zweiunddreißig, dreiunddreißig, vierunddreißig, fünfunddreißig, sechsunddreißig, siebenunddreißig, achtunddreißig, neununddreißig

Spanish: treinta y uno, treinta y dos, treinta y tres, treinta y cuatro, treinta y cinco, treinta y seis, treinta y siete, treinta y ocho, treinta y nueve

French: trente et un, trente-deux, trente-trois, trente-quatre, trente-cinq, trente-six, trente-sept, trente-huit, trente-neuf

Friday, July 19, 2019

Norwegian - Counting to Twenty Nine

We counted to 20 in Norwegian, let's keep going!

21 tjueen - sounds like choo-eh eh-ah-n
22 tjueto - sounds likechoo-eh toh
23 tjue-tre - sounds like choo-eh t-deh
24 tjuefire - sounds like choo-eh fee-dah
25 tjuefem - sounds like choo-eh fem
26 tjueseks - sounds like choo-eh seh-ks
27 tjuesju - sounds like choo-eh shoo
28 tjue åtte - sounds like choo-eh aw-teh
29 tjue ni - sounds like ni choo-eh nee

norwegian language
(from: wikipedia - norwegian language)

Greek: είκοσι ένα (eíkosi éna), είκοσι δύο (eíkosi dýo), είκοσι τρεις (eíkosi treis), είκοσι τέσσερις (eíkosi tésseris), είκοσι πέντε (eíkosi pénte), είκοσι έξι (eíkosi éxi), είκοσι επτά (eíkosi eptá), είκοσι οκτώ (eíkosi októ), είκοσι εννέα (eíkosi ennéa)

ASL: twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine

Italian: ventuno, ventidue, ventitré, ventiquattro, venticinque, ventisei, ventisette, ventotto, ventinove

German: einundzwanzig, zweiundzwanzig, dreiundzwanzig, vierundzwanzig, fünfundzwanzig, sechsundzwanzig, siebenundzwanzig, achtundzwanzig, neunundzwanzig

Spanish: veintiún, veintidós, veintitrés, veinticuatro, veinticinco, veintiséis, veintisiete, veintiocho, veintinueve

French: vingt et un, vingt-deux, vingt-trois, vingt-quatre, vingt-cinc, vingt-six, vingt-sept, vingt-huit, vingt-neuf

Friday, July 5, 2019

Norwegian - Fifteen

We just learned about all the months of the year in Norwegian!

Let's learn about some more numbers.
We already counted to 10 in Greek, now let's learn some bigger numbers!

11 elleve - sounds like eh-l-vah
12 tolv - sounds like toh-l-v
13 tretten - sounds like t-deh-t-n
14 fjorten - sounds like fee-yoh-r-t-n
15 femten - sounds like fem-t-n

norwegian language
(from: wikipedia - norwegian language)

Greek: ένδεκα (éndeka), δώδεκα (dódeka), δεκατρία (dekatría), δεκατέσσερα (dekatéssera), δεκαπέντε (dekapénte)

ASL: eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen

Italian: undici, dodici, tredici, quattordici, quindici

German: elf, zwölf, dreizehn, vierzehn, fünfzehn

Spanish: once, doce, trese, catorce, quince

French: onze, douze, treize, quatorze, quinze

Friday, June 28, 2019

Norwegian - November, December

We already learned that January, February is Januar, Februar,
March, April is Mars, April,
May, June is Mai, Juni,
July, August is Juli, August,
and September, October is September, Oktober.

Let's keep going!

November - November - sounds like noh-vem-beh-dr
December - December - sounds like deh-sem-beh-dr

norwegian language
(from: wikipedia - norwegian language)

Greek: Νοέμβριος (Noémvrios), Δεκέμβριος (Dekémvrios)

ASL: November, December

Italian: Novembre, Dicembre

German: November, Dezember

Spanish: Noviembre, Diciembre

French: Novembre, Décembre

Friday, June 21, 2019

Norwegian - September, October

We already learned that January, February is Januar, Februar,
March, April is Mars, April,
May, June is Mai, Juni,
and July, August is Juli, August.

Let's keep going!

September - September - sounds like seh-p-tem-beh-dr
October - Oktober - sounds like oh-k-toh-beh-dr

norwegian language
(from: wikipedia - norwegian language)

Greek: Σεπτέμβριος (Septémvrios), Οκτώβριος (Októvrios)

ASL: September, October

Italian: Settembre, Ottobre

German: September, Oktober

Spanish: Septiembre, Octubre

French: Septembre, Octobre