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Friday, October 26, 2018

Norwegian - Good Morning

We just learned a few ways to say hello and goodbye in Norwegian, like Hei, Ha det.

Sometimes you might want to say good morning, good afternoon, or good night.

Good Morning - God morgen - sounds like goo-d more-ghen

Good Day - God dag - sounds like Goo-d dah-g

Good Afternoon - God ettermiddag - sounds like goo-d eh-teh-r-me-dah-g

Good Evening - God kveld - sounds like goo-d k-veh-l-d

Good Night - God natt - sounds like Good More-Ghen

center for the greek language
(from: wikipedia - center for the greek language)

Greek: Καλημέρα (Kaliméra), Καλησπέρα (Kalispéra), Καληνυχτα (Kalinychta)

ASL: Good Morning, Good Day, Good Evening, Good Night

Italian: buongiorno, buon pomeriggio, buonasera, buona notte

German: Guten Morgen, Guten Tag, Guten Abend, Gute Nacht

Spanish: Buenos días, buenos tardes, buenas noches

French: bonjour, bonsoir, bonne nuit

Friday, October 19, 2018

Norwegian - Hello and Goodbye

We've now learned a whole year of Greek!

Let's try another language now, how about Norwegian?
This is the language of the people of Norway, and it also is a lot like the languages of Danish and Swedish from the countries of Denmark and Sweden.
The vikings from long ago spoke a language called Old Norse, which later turned into Norwegian, so in a way it's the language of vikings!

Norwegian uses mostly the same alphabet as English, but it has some accents on the letters, like some of the other languages we've learned about.

It has three extra letters that are not in English: Æ, Ø, Å
These are vowels that make sounds like the a in apple, the u in cut or i in girl, or the o in lock or short.

Let's learn how to say hello and goodbye in Norwegian!

There are a few ways to say Hello.

Hi - Hei - Sounds like High
This is like saying Hi to your friends.

Hello - Hallo - Sounds like Hah-loh
This is like saying hello to a grownup, saying hello on the phone, or yelling hello to a friend from far away.

Bye - Ha det - Sounds like Hah-duh
This is just like saying bye to your friends.

Good Bye - Ha det brah - Sounds like Hah duh brah
Usually people just say hah det, but sometimes they say hah det brah, just like usually in English you say bye, but you might say goodbye sometimes.

norwegian language
(from: wikipedia - norwegian language)

Greek: Γειά σου, Χαίρετε, Αντίο

ASL: Hello and Goodbye

Italian: Ciao, arrivederci

German: Hallo, Auf Wiedersehen

Spanish: Hola! Adiós!

French: Bonjour! Au Revoir!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Greek - Vegetables

We just learned how to say some fruits in Greek.

Let's learn how to say some vegetables.

carrot καρότο (karóto) - sounds like kah-ROH-toh
corn καλαμπόκι (kalampóki) - sounds like kah-lah-m-POH-kee
pea μπιζέλι (bizéli) - sounds like bee-ZAY-lee

center for the greek language
(from: wikipedia - center for the greek language)

ASL: carrot, corn, pea

Italian: carote, mais, piselli

German: Karotte, Mais, Erbse

Spanish: zanahoria, maíz, guisante

French: carotte, maïs, pois

Friday, October 5, 2018

Greek - Fruits

We just learned how to say some things to drink in Greek.

Let's learn how to say some fruits.

apple μήλο (mílo) - sounds like chah-ee-MOH
orange πορτοκάλι (portokáli) - sounds like chah-ee-MOH
banana μπανάνα (banána) - sounds like chah-ee-MOH

center for the greek language
(from: wikipedia - center for the greek language)

ASL: apple, orange, banana

Italian: mela, orange, banana

German: Apfel, Orange, Banane

Spanish: manzana, naranja, banana

French: pomme, orange, banane

Friday, September 28, 2018

Greek - Drinks

We counted to 900 in Greek! Wow!

Let's learn how to say some things to drink.

water νερό (neró) - sounds like nay-ROH
milk γάλα (gála) - sounds like GAH-lah
juice χυμό (chymó) - sounds like chah-ee-MOH

center for the greek language
(from: wikipedia - center for the greek language)

ASL: water, milk, juice

Italian: acqua, latte, succo

German: Wasser, Milch, Saft

Spanish: agua, leche, jugo

French: eau, lait, jus

Friday, September 21, 2018

Greek - Nine Hundred

We counted to 100 in Greek, let's keep going!

200 διακόσια (diakósia) - sounds like dee-ah-KOH-see-ah
300 τριακόσια (triakósia) - sounds like d-dee-ah-KOH-see-ah
400 τετρακόσια (tetrakósia) - sounds like tay-t-dah-KOH-see-ah
500 πεντακόσια (pentakósia) - sounds like pay-n-tah-KOH-see-ah
600 εξακόσια (exakósia) - sounds like ay-ks-ah-KOH-see-ah
700 επτακόσια (eptakósia) - sounds like ay-p-tah-KOH-see-ah
800 οκτακόσια (oktakósia) - sounds like oh-k-tah-KOH-see-ah
900 εννιακόσια (enniakósia) - sounds like ay-nee-ah-KOH-see-ah

center for the greek language
(from: wikipedia - center for the greek language)

ASL: two hundred, three hundred, four hundred, five hundred, six hundred, seven hundred, eight hundred, nine hundred

Italian: duecento, trecento, quattrocento, cinquecento, seicento, settecento, ottocento, novecento

German: zweihundert, dreihundert, vierhundert, fünfhundert, sechshundert, siebenhundert, achthundert, neunhundert

Spanish: doscientos, trescientos, cuatrocientos, quinientos, seiscientos, sietecientos, ochocientos, novecientos

French: deux cent, trois cent, quatre cent, cinq cent, six cent, sept cent, huit cent, neuf cent

Friday, September 14, 2018

Greek - One Hundred

We counted to 99 in Greek, let's keep going!

100 εκατό (ekató) - sounds like ay-kah-TOH
101 εκατόν ένα (ekatón éna) - sounds like ay-kah-TOH-n AY-nah
102 εκατόν δύο (ekatón dýo) - sounds like ay-kah-TOH-n DEE-y-oh
103 εκατόν τρεις (ekatón treis) - sounds like ay-kah-TOH-n t-day-ss
104 εκατόν τέσσερις (ekatón tésseris) - sounds like ay-kah-TOH-n TAY-say-dee-ss
105 εκατόν πέντε (ekatón pénte) - sounds like ay-kah-TOH-n PAY-n-tay
106 εκατόν έξι (ekatón éxi) - sounds like ay-kah-TOH-n AY-k-see
107 εκατόν επτά (ekatón eptá) - sounds like ay-kah-TOH-n ay-p-TAH
108 εκατόν οκτώ (ekatón októ) - sounds like ay-kah-TOH-n oh-k-TOH
109 εκατόν εννέα (ekatón ennéa) - sounds like ay-kah-TOH-n eh-NEE-y-ah

center for the greek language
(from: wikipedia - center for the greek language)

ASL: One hundred, one hundred one, one hundred two, one hundred three, one hundred four, one hundred five, one hundred six, one hundred seven, one hundred eight, one hundred nine

Italian: cento, centodue, centotre, centoquattro, centocinque, centosei, centosette, sentotto, sentonove

German: einhundert, einhunderteins, einhundertzwei, einhundertdrei, einhundertvier, einhundertfünf, einhundertsechs, einhundertsieben, einhundertacht, einhundertneun

Spanish: ciento, ciento uno, ciento dos, ciento tres, ciento cuatro, ciento cinco, ciento seis, ciento siete, ciento ocho, ciento nueve

French: cent, cent, cent deux, cent trois, cent quatre, cent cinq, cent six, cent sept, cent huit

Friday, September 7, 2018

Greek - Counting to Ninety Nine

We counted to 89 in Greek, let's keep going!

90 ενενήντα (enenínta) - sounds like ay-nay-NEEN-tah
91 ενενήντα ένα (enenínta éna) - sounds like ay-nay-NEEN-tah AY-nah
92 ενενήντα δύο (enenínta dýo) - sounds like ay-nay-NEEN-tah DEE-y-oh
93 ενενήντα τρεις (enenínta treis) - sounds like ay-nay-NEEN-tah t-day-ss
94 ενενήντα τέσσερις (enenínta tésseris) - sounds like ay-nay-NEEN-tah TAY-say-dee-ss
95 ενενήντα πέντε (enenínta pénte) - sounds like ay-nay-NEEN-tah PAY-n-tay
96 ενενήντα έξι (enenínta éxi) - sounds like ay-nay-NEEN-tah AY-k-see
97 ενενήντα επτά (enenínta eptá) - sounds like ay-nay-NEEN-tah ay-p-TAH
98 ενενήντα οκτώ (enenínta októ) - sounds like ay-nay-NEEN-tah oh-k-TOH
99 ενενήντα εννέα (enenínta ennéa) - sounds like ay-nay-NEEN-tah eh-NEE-y-ah

center for the greek language
(from: wikipedia - center for the greek language)

ASL: Ninety, ninety one, ninety two, ninety three, ninety four, ninety five, ninety six, ninety seven, ninety eight, ninety nine

Italian: novanta, novantuno, novantadoue, novantatre, novantaquattro, novantacinque, novantasei, novantasette, novantotto, novantanove

German: neunzig, einundneunzig, zweiundneunzig, dreiundneunzig, vierundneunzig, fünfundneunzig, sechsundneunzig, siebenundneunzig, achtundneunzig, neunundneunzig

Spanish: noventa, noventa y uno, noventa y dos, noventa y tres, noventa y cuatro, noventa y cinco, noventa y seis, noventa y siete, noventa y ocho, noventa y nueve

French: quatre-vingts dix, quatre-vingt onze, quatre-vingt douze, quatre-vingt treize, quatre-vingt quatorze, quatre-vingt quinze, quatre-vingt seize, quatre-vingt dix sept, quatre-vingt dix huit, quatre-vingt dix neuf