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Monday, October 29, 2018

Predjama Castle

We just learned about Bellver Castle.

Another famous castle is Predjama Castle, built around 1200 AD in Slovenia.

This castle was built right into the mouth of a cave, so that it could be very strong against attacks.

Most of the castle is in front of the cave, but some of back walls of the castle are built right into the rock, and they are connected to the entrance to go back into the cave.

The people who created the castle even made secret cave exits that they could use to try and sneak food in and out when the castle was under attack.

Down underneath the castle are four more levels built into the caves!
It is one of the longest caves in Slovenia.

(from: wikipedia - predjama castle)

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Monday, October 22, 2018

Bellver Castle

We just learned about the Palace of Versailles.

Another famous castle is Bellver Castle, bult in 1311 on the Island of Majorca in Spain.

This was built long ago for King James II of Majorca, and it is a special castle because it is shaped like a circle!
The outside of the castle is a circle, the inside is a circle, and all of the towers are circles.
It is the only circular castle in Spain!

For a long time it was the home of the Kings of the land, but later was turned into a prison.
Now it is a museum and a place for tourists to come look at.

(from: wikipedia - bellver castle)

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Monday, October 15, 2018

Palace of Versailles

We just learned about the Chateau de Chantilly.

Another famous castle is the Palace of Versailles, built around 1600 AD.

This was the home of the leaders of France for 100 years until 1789, and is now a museum.

It has many famous rooms inside, like the Hall of Mirrors, the Royal Opera, the Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon, small Hameau and the famous gardens.

It is the second most visited place in France, just after Louvre.

(from: wikipedia - palace of versailles)

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Monday, October 8, 2018

Château de Chantilly

We just learned about Peleș Castle.

Another famous castle is the Château de Chantilly, in Chantilly France, built in 1358, and rebuilt a few times through 1882.

This Château has a very large library with thousands of books in it, and a large art museum called the Musée Condé which has many paintings by famous artists like Raphael.

There is also a horse racing track on the property that is still used.
One of the princes who owned this Château believed that some day when he died he would come back as a horse, so he had very fancy stables and race tracks to live in when he did.

(from: wikipedia - château de chantilly)

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Monday, October 1, 2018

Peleș Castle

We just learned about the Citadel of Qaitbay.

Another famous castle is Peleș Castle, built in 1914 in Romania.

This castle is actually more like a palace, and was hundreds of years after some other castles.
It has over 34,000 square feet of living space with over 170 rooms like libraries, offices and art galleries, and 30 bathrooms!

There is an armory there with over 4,000 weapons, and the art gallery has about 2,000 works of art.

One very different thing about this castle is that many different workers from all over europe came to help build it.
Different countries had people with different talents, so the Italian people were there to do the brick and stone work, and the Germans were there as carpenters.

(from: wikipedia - peleș castle)

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Monday, September 24, 2018

Citadel of Qaitbay

We just learned about the Windsor Castle.

Another ancient castle is the Citadel of Qaitbay, built in 1477 AD, in Alexandria, Egypt.

This castle was built in the same place as the Lighthouse of Alexandria, which was known as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world before it was destroyed around 100 years before this castle was built.

It is on the north side of Egypt, right on the Mediterranean Sea where it was a strong place to defend Egypt against any ships that might be coming to attack.

It is now a maritime museum, which is a kind of museum for ships and other seaside things.

(from: wikipedia - citadel of qaitbay)

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Monday, September 17, 2018

Windsor Castle

We just learned about the Hohensalzburg Fortress.

Another famous castle is Windsor Castle, built around 1000 AD in Windsor, Berkshire, England.

Unlike a lot of other castles, this one has been lived in for a very long time by the royal family of England, like the King or Queen.

It covers over 10 acres, and has different areas called "wards" that have apartments or even a church called St. George's Chapel.

The queen of England still lives there on most weekends, and the royal family uses the castle as a place to have parties and do business.

(from: wikipedia - windsor castle)

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Monday, September 10, 2018

Hohensalzburg Fortress

We just learned about Spiš Castle.

Another famous ancient castle is Hohensalzburg Fortress, built around 1000 AD in Salzburg, Austria.

This castle is over 800 feet long and about 500 feet wide, and up over 1,600 feet high on top of a tall hill.

It ws used as a home for some powerful political people, and as a prison during wars.

Inside the castle are many rooms and a courtyard.
One of the rooms has a huge musical organ with more than 200 pipes, called the Salzburg Bull.

One of the fanciest rooms is called the Golden Chamber, which has golden decorations all over it.

(from: wikipedia - hohensalzburg fortress)

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Monday, September 3, 2018

Spiš Castle

We just learned about the Buda Castle.

Another ancient castle is Spiš Castle, built around 1100 AD in Slovakia, and it over 400,000 square feet.

This castle was owned by the kings of Hungary, and then later was passed on to different families before it was taken over by the state of Slovakia.

At one time in the past the family that owned it abandoned it to move to the nearby village because they said it was not very comfortable.

A little while later there was a big fire and a lot of the castle was destroyed for over almost two hundred years.
The castle has now been fixed up and has a museum inside showing many things from the history of the castle.

(from: wikipedia - spiš castle)

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Monday, August 27, 2018

Buda Castle

We just learned about the Himeji Castle.

Another ancient castle is Buda Castle, built in 1265 in Budapest, Hungary.

This is a big castle that has been the home of the kings of Hungary, and has been built and added onto for over 400 years.
There are many towers, cellars, chambers, museums, caves and famous works of art in this castle.

The castle area is over 1.8 square miles!

(from: wikipedia - buda castle)

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Monday, August 20, 2018

Himeji Castle

We just learned about the Citadel of Aleppo.

Another famous castle is Himeji Castle in Japan, built around 1300 AD.

It is the largest castle in Japan, and because of its white color is sometimes called the "White Egret Castle" or "White Heron Castle" because it looks like a bird flying away.

The castle is over 5,000 feet long, and the area around the castle takes up over 500 acres.
Inside the castle area, the main building has 6 floors and a basement. It looks like 5 floors because from outside the top two look like the same floor.
The floors go from big at the bottom, over 5,000 square feet to small at the top, only about 1,000 square feet.

On the first floor there are over 300 tatami mats, which are special made floor spaces, and lots of weapons.
Each wall has weapon racks for holding spears and guns, and once had about 280 guns and 90 spears.

There are arrow slits through all the floors to shoot arrows at attackers, and the upper floors had places that people could come out and throw things at attackers below.
Outside there are three moats, and a big maze of pathways that go around and around the castle, up hills and in small spaces.
This was to make it so even if an army did attack, the castle would see them coming a long way out and be able to stop them with the moats.

(from: wikipedia - himeji castle)

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Citadel of Aleppo

We just learned about the Prague Castle.

Another ancient castle is the Citadel of Aleppo in Syria.

It is one of the oldest and largest castles in the world, built over 2000 years ago, around 300 AD.
The hill where this castle was is so old that people say Abraham from the Bible had his sheep up on this hill.
The conqueror Alexander the Great took over this castle, as did the Roman Empire, the Mongols from China, the Ottoman Empire and the French and Syrian people.

The Citadel is about 1,500 feet long and 1,000 feet wide, and over 150 feet tall.
It used to be covered with shiny blocks of limestone, and some of those blocks are still there.
There is a moat around it that is 72 feet deep and 98 feet wide, made over 800 years ago.

This castle was very hard to take over, because people coming in would have to take over six turns on a ramp that had machicolations above them where people could drop rocks or hot oil on them from above.
There are also secret passageways all over the citadel, and even underground passages going over 400 feet below the building.

(from: wikipedia - citadel of aleppo)

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