Thursday, September 30, 2021


We just learned about the Computer Monitor.

Another part of a computer monitor is a Pixel.

The picture that you see on a computer monitor is made up of thousands or millions of little dots that can change color to show different pictures.
Each one of these tiny dots is called a pixel, which is short for "picture element".

On some old computers monitors, the pixels were big and looked like little squares or blocks used to make pictures.
Now the pixels are so tiny they can show pictures on computer monitors showing people and places that look just like the real thing.

(from: wikipedia - pixel)

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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Bald Uakari

We just learned about the Azara's Night Monkey.

Another type of new world monkey is the Bald Uakari.

This type of monkey has a bright red face and a bald head.
It lives in South America, spending most of its life in the trees.

Bald Uakari monkeys grow to be about 7 pounds and 18 inches long, and eat mostly fruits, nuts and bugs.
Even though their red face and bald head look weird, a healthy red face means that this type of monkey is healthy!

(from: wikipedia - bald uakari)

Red-Faced, Hairless and Handsome: Meet the Bald Uakari Monkey - Great Big Story

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Ear Hair Cells

We just learned about the Cochlea.

Another part of the ear is the Hair Cells.

Inside the Cochlea are tiny microscopic hairs that move when sound hits them.
When these hairs move, the part of the body they are attached to lets out some chemicals.
Those chemicals then touch some other cells in the body which let out electricity.
That electricity sends the message to the brain that the body heard a sound.

Depending on how loud, soft, high or low the sound is, the hairs will wiggle differently,
and that will send different chemicals and different electricity to the brain to tell you what sounds you are hearing.

(from: wikipedia - hair cell)

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Monday, September 27, 2021


We just learned about the country of Turkmenistan

Let's learn a little about the country of Vietnam, also called the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Vietnam is a small country in Asia, about 128,000 square miles, with about 96 million people liveing there.
It borders China, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Phillippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and the South China Sea.

(from: wikipedia - vietnam)

The flag of Vietnam is a red background with a yellow star.
The red is for battle, and the yellow is for the different types of workers in Vietnam.

(from: wikipedia - flag of vietnam)

To eat in Vietnam you might have bún chả, which is pork with noodles served over rice noodles and dipping sauce.
The word bún means noodles and chả means pork.

(from: wikipedia - bun cha)

Visiting Vietnam you might go see Ban Gioc-Detian Falls, some big waterfalls in the country.

(from: wikipedia - ban gioc–detian falls)

Rice farming is a very important business in Vietnam, and rice is grown there in what are called terraces, that look like stairs.

(from: wikipedia - sa pa)

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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

We just learned about the Away in a Manger.

Another famous Christmas song is Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.

This was first written by Charles Wesley in 1739 in England.
When Wesley first wrote it, he called it "Hark! how all the welkin rings", where the word welkin means sky.
In 1840 another person changed it to the words Hark! The Herald Angels Sing that we know of today.

The tune for the song is from the famous composer Felix Mendelssohn's music called Festgesang.

Hark! The herald-angels sing "Glory to the newborn king;
Peace on earth and mercy mild, God and sinners reconciled" Joyful all ye nations rise, Join the triumph of the skies
With the angelic host proclaim "Christ is born in Bethlehem"
Hark! The herald-angels sing "Glory to the new-born king"

Christ, by highest heaven adored Christ, the everlasting Lord,
Late in time behold Him come Offspring of a Virgin's womb:
Veiled in flesh the Godhead see, Hail the incarnate Deity
Pleased as man with man to dwell Jesus, our Emmanuel
Hark! The herald-angels sing "Glory to the newborn King"

Hail the Heaven-born Prince of Peace! Hail the Sun of Righteousness!
Light and life to all He brings, Risen with healing in His wings;
Mild He lays His glory by Born that man no more may die
Born to raise the sons of earth Born to give them second birth
Hark! The herald angels sing "Glory to the new-born king"

(from: wikipedia - hark! the herald angels sing)

Hark the Herald Angels Sing with Lyrics | Christmas Carol & Song - Christmas Songs and Carols - Love to Sing

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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Anatomical Drawings - Leonardo Da Vinci

We just learned about the Leonardo's Robot.

Another famous thing Leonard did was make Anatomical Drawings.

This means he studied things like arms and legs, and tried to draw sketches of how they work.
He made drawaings of how the human body moves, and even some pictures of what he thought babies looked like before being born.

Da Vinci studied humans and other animals too, and made many drawings about how a bird is able to fly.

(from: wikipedia - science and inventions of leonardo da vinci)

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Friday, September 24, 2021

Swahili - Drinks

We counted to 900 in Swahili! Wow!

Let's learn how to say some things to drink.

water maji - sounds like mah-jee 文A

milk maziwa - sounds like mah-zee-wah 文A

juice juisi - sounds like joo-ee-see 文A

(from: wikipedia - swahili language)

Russian: вода (voda), молоко (moloko), сок (sok)

Norwegian: vann, melk, juice

Greek: water νερό (neró), milk γάλα (gála), juice χυμό (chymó)

ASL: water, milk, juice

Italian: acqua, latte, succo

German: Wasser, Milch, Saft

Spanish: agua, leche, jugo

French: eau, lait, jus

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Computer Monitor

Let's learn some more about Computers!

One part of a computer is the Computer Monitor.

This is the part of the computer that you look at, that shows all of the pictures and videos that your computer puts on it.
Through the years computer monitors have changed a lot.
Long ago they only had a black background with white or green text.
Then later monitors could display every color, and also draw pictures on the screen for things like video games or office work.

For a long time, computer monitors were very big, using what were called Cathode Ray Tubes or CRTs to show things on the monitor.
They were later replaced by flat screen monitors, usually called Liquid Crystal Displays or LCD.
LCDs are much thinner, lighter, and usually taller and wider than the old CRT displays.
Some old CRTs could weigh 50 pounds, compared to an LCD with the same screen size weighing only 10 pounds.
Because flat screen monitors could be made so thin and light, people could make computers so small they could fit on your lap, called laptops!

(from: wikipedia - computer monitor)

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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Azara's Night Monkey

We just learned about the Grey Bellied Night Monkey.

Another type of new world monkey is the Azara's Night Monkey also calledthe southern night monkey or aotus azarae.

This type of monkey lives in South America, and mostly lives in the trees.
They grow to be about 13 inches long and weigh a little over 2 pounds.

Just like their name says, these monkeys like to stay up at all night long, and they mostly eat things like leaves, flowers and bugs.

(from: wikipedia - azara's night monkey)

Azara's Night Monkey - Thug Hamster
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Tuesday, September 21, 2021


We just learned about the Semicircular Canals.

Another part of the bony labryinth in the inner ear is the Cochlea.

This is a spiral that sounds go into, and there are little hairs inside the spiral that send signals to the brain telling it what sounds are being heard.
The different parts of the spiral help the ear listen to different types of sounds.
At the opening the spiral collects sounds that are high pitched like a whistle.
As the spiral goes in further the sounds get lower, more like a big drum beating.

All of these different sounds get sent to the brain to hear all the different highs and lows.

The name cochlea comes from the greek word for spiral snail shell.

(from: wikipedia - cochlea)

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Monday, September 20, 2021


We just learned about the country of United Arab Emirates

Let's learn a little about the country of Turkmenistan!

This is a country in the middle east, bordring Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and the Caspian Sea.
It is about 190,000 square miles, and about 6 million people live there.
People in this country speak the Turkmen language.

(from: wikipedia - turkmenistan)

The flag of Turkemnistan is green with a red stripe on the left with carpet designs on the red above olive branches.
On the right is a white crescent moon and five stars.
The moon is for hope, the stars are for the provinces in the country, the carpet is for the tribes of people who founded the country.

(from: wikipedia - flag of turkmenistan)

To eat in Turkmenistan, you might have melons!
This country was once famous for growing all kinds of melons, and they grow over 400 different kinds of melon.

(from: wikipedia - )

Visiting Turkmenistan you might go see the Darvasa gas crater.
This is a hole in the ground that is abotu 200 feet across and about 60 feet deep.
A long time ago people were drilling for oil in the area, and found a place where gas was leaking out from the ground.
They lit the ground on fire to help get rid of the gas leak, but it never stopped burning and the crater has now been burning for over 50 years.

(from: wikipedia - darvaza gas crater)

There is a national holiday in Turkmenistan called Melon Day, because there are so many melon farms in the country.
Every year the second Sunday in August the people get together in the city of Ashgabat and have music, dancing and lots of melons.

(from: wikipedia - melon day)

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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Away in a Manger

We just learned about the Christmas song We Three Kings.

Another famous Christmas song is Away in a Manger.

For a very long time, people thought that the words for this song were written in 1883 by Martin Luther, and it was even sometimes called Luther's Cradle Song.
But after going back and looking at the writing, people now think that the words were first written in English somewhere earlier in America, and then later translated to German.

There are two popular tunes that people sing this song to. The one that is most popular in America was wrriten by James R. Murray in 1887. The other one that is more popular in Britan was written by William J. Kirkpatrick.

(from: wikipedia - away in a manger)

#4 Away in a Manger - James Ramsey Murray - Ukulele - Amazing Uku

Away in a Manger (Kirkpatrick and Murray versions) - Easy Piano Video Sheet - HaoStaff Official

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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Leonardo's Robot

We just learned about Leonardo da Vinci's Paris Manuscripts.

Another one of his famous inventions was called Leonardo's Robot.

Some time around 1495, Leonardo da Vinci came up with the idea to make a mechanical knight, that could move around.
He made some sketches on how to make it using pulleys and cables that were inside metal armor.

He showed it off to some people in Milan, and by pulling on cables he could make it stand, sit, and move its arms and head.

His robot has been lost, but some people have followed his designs and made copies of what they think his looked like long ago.

(from: wikipedia - leonardo's robot)

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Friday, September 17, 2021

Swahili - Nine Hundred

We counted to 100 in Swahili, let's keep going!

200 mia mbili - sounds like mee-ah m-bee-lee 文A

300 mia tatu - sounds like mee-ah tah-too 文A

400 mia nne - sounds like mee-ah n-nay 文A

500 mia tano - sounds like mee-ah tah-no 文A

600 mia sita - sounds like mee-ah see-tah 文A

700 mia saba - sounds like mee-ah sah-bah 文A

800 mia nane - sounds like mee-ah nah-nay 文A

900 mia tisa - sounds like mee-ah tee-sah 文A

And here are some of the even bigger numbers!

one thousand elfu moja - sounds like eh-l-foo moh-jah

one million milioni moja - sounds like mee-lee-oh-nee moh-jah

one billion bilioni moja - sounds like bee-lee-oh-nee moh-jah

one trillion trilioni moja - sounds like t-ree-lee-oh-nee moh-jah

one google google moja - sounds like goo-gah-l moh-jah

(from: wikipedia - swahili language)

Russian: двести (dvesti), триста (trista), четыреста (chetyresta), пятьсот (pyat'sot), Сшестьсотто (shest'sot), семьсот (sem'sot), восемьсот (vosem'sot), девятьсот (devyat'sot), тысяча (tysyacha), один миллион (odin million), один миллиард (odin milliard), один триллион (odin trillion), один гугл (odin gugl)

Norwegian: to hundre, tre hundre, fire hundre, fam hundre, seks hundre, syv hundre, åtte hundre, ni hundre

Greek: διακόσια (diakósia), τριακόσια (triakósia), τετρακόσια (tetrakósia), πεντακόσια (pentakósia), εξακόσια (exakósia), επτακόσια (eptakósia), οκτακόσια (oktakósia), εννιακόσια (enniakósia)

ASL: two hundred, three hundred, four hundred, five hundred, six hundred, seven hundred, eight hundred, nine hundred

Italian: duecento, trecento, quattrocento, cinquecento, seicento, settecento, ottocento, novecento

German: zweihundert, dreihundert, vierhundert, fünfhundert, sechshundert, siebenhundert, achthundert, neunhundert

Spanish: doscientos, trescientos, cuatrocientos, quinientos, seiscientos, sietecientos, ochocientos, novecientos

French: deux cent, trois cent, quatre cent, cinq cent, six cent, sept cent, huit cent, neuf cent

Thursday, September 16, 2021


We just learned about the Tire Code.

We've learned a whole lot about car engines work!

Let's learn a little about Computers.

When we think of computers, some people think of the laptop they use at home, or the bigger computer they use at work.
Other people might think of the really big computers sitting alone in rooms at buildings doing gigantic amounts of work for hundreds, thousands or even millions of people.

There are other things that are computers that people don't really call computers, like tablets or iPads, cell phones, or video game systems.
All of these things have computers inside them that make them work.
These days even things like cars, airplanes, TVs, and even things like Washers and Dryers have tiny computers in them!

The first computers made were made over 50 years ago and filled up entire rooms with all of their parts.
Things have gotten so small now that a computer the size of your fingernail could do more than that whole room of computers did.

(from: wikipedia - computer)

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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Grey-Bellied Night Monkey

We just learned about the Black Capped Squirrel Monkey.

Another type of new world monkey is the Grey-Bellied Night Monkey.

Just like you would guess from their name, these monkeys stay up at night like an owl.
And just like an owl, they have really big eyes so they can try to see as much as they can in the dark.

These monkeys live only in some small parts of South America.
They only grow to be about 3 pounds, and they live in the trees eating fruit, vegetables, and small bugs.

(from: wikipedia - gray-bellied night monkey)

Night Monkeys of Yasuni National Park - Bigfoot Journeys
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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Semicircular Canals

We just learned about the Eardrum.

Another part of the ear is the Semicircular Canals.

On the outside of the inner ear are three tubes that go out like circles and then come back to the ear.
These are part of the bony labryinth, and they are what help the body tell which direction the head is moving.

Inside these tubes is some liquid, and at the opening of the tubes are some very tiny hairs.
When you move your head around, the liquid bumps into the hairs, which send signals to the brain telling it that you are moving.

The three semicircular canal tubes go in three different directions so that they can tell whether you are tilting your head, moving up or down, or side to side.

(from: wikipedia - semicircular canals)

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Monday, September 13, 2021

United Arab Emirates

We just learned about the country of East Timor

Let's learn a little about the country of United Arab Emirates, also called Emirates or UAE!

This is a small country in the middle east, bordering Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the Persian Gulf.
It is about 32,000 square miles, and has about 10 million people living there.
People in UAE speak Arabic.

(from: wikipedia - united arab emirates)

The flag for the United Arab Emirates is has a red stripe on the left, and then sideways stripes of green, white and red.
The red is for courage, bravery, hardiness, strength, and unity.
The white is for cleanliness, honesty, peace, and purity.
The green is for prosperity, hope, joy, love, and optimism.
The black is for winning battles and strength of mind.

(from: wikipedia - flag of the united arab emirates)

To eat in UAE you might have maqluba, which is cooked meat, rice and vegetables, cooked in a pot and then flipped upside down when served.
The name maquluba means "upside down".

(from: wikipedia - maqluba)

Visiting UAE you might go to Dubai to see the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world at about half a mile high.

(from: wikipedia - burj khalifa)

In Abu Dhabi there is some man made land in the shape of a palm tree, called the Palm Jumeirah.
Also in Abu Dhabi is the fastest roller coaster in the world at 149 miles per hour, at the Formula Rossa at the Ferrari World park.

(from: wikipedia - palm jumeirah)

(from: wikipedia - formula rossa)

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Sunday, September 12, 2021

We Three Kings

We just learned about the Silent Night.

Another famous Christmas song is We Three Kings, also called Three Kings of Orient, or The Quest of the Magi.
It was written in 1857 in New York by John Henry Hopkins Jr.

Hopkins was working as a church leader in Pennsylvania, and wrote the song for a Christmas pageant, based on the story in the book of Matthew chapter 2.
In the pageant he had each wise man sing one verse, and then all three would sing the final verse.
The Bible doesn't actually say there were three kings, it just says there were three gifts: gold, frankincense and myrrh.
It also doesn't say who the kings were, but later on in church history people think the wise men were named Gaspard, Melchior and Balthazar.

After the pageant it was just a song that his family and friends would sing together at Christmas time, but they all liked it so much he later decided to have it printed in a book of carols in 1916.
It then became famous all over the world, and was one of the first famous Christmas songs that was created in America.

[Sung by All] We Three Kings of Orient are, Bearing gifts we traverse afar, Field and fountain, Moor and mountain, Following yonder Star.
CHORUS: O Star of Wonder, Star of Night, Star with Royal Beauty bright, Westward leading, Still proceeding, Guide us to Thy perfect Light.
[Sung by Gaspard] Born a King on Bethlehem plain, Gold I bring to crown Him again, King for ever, Ceasing never Over us all to reign.
[Sung by Melchior] Frankincense to offer have I, Incense owns a Deity nigh: Prayer and praising All men raising, Worship Him God on High.
[Sung by Balthazar] Myrrh is mine; its bitter perfume Breathes a life of gathering gloom; Sorrowing, sighing, Bleeding, dying, Sealed in the stone-cold tomb.
[Sung by All] Glorious now behold Him arise, King, and God, and Sacrifice; Heav’n sings Hallelujah: Hallelujah the earth replies.

(from: wikipedia - we three kings)

We Three Kings - Claymation Christmas HQ - PigsAndSquigs
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Saturday, September 11, 2021

Paris Manuscripts - Leonardo da Vinci

We just learned about Leonardo da Vinci's Codex Arundel.

Another famous book of inventions that Leonardo wrote was called the Paris Manuscripts.

These were writings of his thoughts on science and inventions he dreamed up between the years of 1488 and 1505.
They are called the Paris Manuscripts because after Leonardo died these writings were all collected and stored in a museum in Paris.

The Paris Manuscripts have over 2,500 pages of Leonardo's writings.
He wrote about helicopters, submarines, geometry, botany, engineering, physics, painting, water, flight, and astronomy.

One of the most famous of his drawings was of a design for a helicopter he called the Aerial Screw.

(from: wikipedia - leonardo's aerial screw)

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Friday, September 10, 2021

Swahili - Counting to One Hundred

We counted to 99 in Swahili, let's keep going!

100 mia moja - sounds like mee-ah moh-jah 文A

101 mia moja na moja - sounds like mee-ah moh-jah nah moh-jah 文A

102 mia moja na mbili - sounds like mee-ah moh-jah nah m-bee-lee 文A

103 mia moja na tatu - sounds like mee-ah moh-jah nah tah-too 文A

104 mia moja na nne - sounds like mee-ah moh-jah nah n-nay 文A

105 mia moja na tano - sounds like mee-ah moh-jah nah tah-noh 文A

106 mia moja na sita - sounds like mee-ah moh-jah nah see-tah 文A

107 mia moja na saba - sounds like mee-ah moh-jah nah sah-bah 文A

108 mia moja na nane - sounds like mee-ah moh-jah nah nah-nay 文A

109 mia moja na tisa - sounds like mee-ah moh-jah nah tee-sah 文A

(from: wikipedia - swahili language)

Russian: Сто (Sto), Сто один (Sto odin), Сто два (Sto dva), Сто три (Sto tri), Сто четыре (Sto chetyre), Сто пять (Sto pyat'), Сто шесть (Sto shest'), Сто семь (Sto sem'), Сто восемь (Sto vosem'), Сто девять (Sto devyat')

Norwegian: ett hundre, ett hundre og en, ett hundre og to, ett hundre og tre, ett hundre og fire, ett hundre og fam, ett hundre og seks, ett hundre og syv, ett hundre og åtte, ett hundre og ni

Greek: εκατό (ekató), εκατόν ένα (ekatón éna), εκατόν δύο (ekatón dýo), εκατόν τρεις (ekatón treis), εκατόν τέσσερις (ekatón tésseris), εκατόν πέντε (ekatón pénte), εκατόν έξι (ekatón éxi), εκατόν επτά (ekatón eptá), εκατόν οκτώ (ekatón októ), εκατόν εννέα (ekatón ennéa)

ASL: One hundred, one hundred one, one hundred two, one hundred three, one hundred four, one hundred five, one hundred six, one hundred seven, one hundred eight, one hundred nine

Italian: cento, centodue, centotre, centoquattro, centocinque, centosei, centosette, sentotto, sentonove

German: einhundert, einhunderteins, einhundertzwei, einhundertdrei, einhundertvier, einhundertfünf, einhundertsechs, einhundertsieben, einhundertacht, einhundertneun

Spanish: ciento, ciento uno, ciento dos, ciento tres, ciento cuatro, ciento cinco, ciento seis, ciento siete, ciento ocho, ciento nueve

French: cent, cent, cent deux, cent trois, cent quatre, cent cinq, cent six, cent sept, cent huit

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Tire Code

We just learned about the Tire Valve Stem.

Another part of a tire is the Tire Code.

If you look on the side of a car tire, you will see some letters and numbers printed on it.
These are there to help tell you what kind of tire you have, and also helpful things like how much air you should put into it.

Most tires use something called the "ISO Metric tire code" which has rules for what letters and numbers go in what order.

This code has these rules:

Use: One letter to tell how the tire will be used, like "P" for Passenger car, or T for a Temporary spare tire.
Width: Numbers for the width of the tire in millimiters.
/ in between the numbers
Height: Numbers for how tall the rubber part of the tire is. This is also called aspect ratio or profile.
Type of tire: One letter tells the type of tire, like R for a radial tire.
Rim width: The diameter of the metal rim that the tire is wrapped around.
Load: A code that tells how much weight the tire can take.
Speed ratimg: A code that tells how fast a tire can go.

So if a tire code says: P215/65R15 95H
That means it is a Passenger car, 215 milimeters wide, 65 millimeters profile height, Radial tire, 15 inch rims.
If you look up the 95H code, that means it can handle 1,520 pounds and go 130 miles per hour.

(from: wikipedia - tire code)

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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Black-Capped Squirrel Monkey

We just learned about the Tufted Capuchin.

Another type of new world monkey is the Black-Capped Squirrel Monkey.

They can grow to be about 2 pounds, and about one foot long.
Their fur is mostly grey on the outside, their bellies are white, and their head is black with white around their eyes.

For food these monkeys eat mostly fruit, nuts and some bugs.
They live up in the trees, and can leap from one tree to another tree over 6 feet away.

(from: wikipedia - black-capped squirrel monkey)

Squirrel Monkey Business | Amazon Underworld - Nat Geo WILD

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Tuesday, September 7, 2021


We just learned about the Vestibule of the Ear.

Another part of the ear is the Eardrum also called the tympanic membrane or myringa.

This is a thin piece of skin and tissue that works almost like a drum.
When sound comes into the ear, the eardrum vibrates.
There are nerves connected to the eardrum, so when it moves it sends signals to the brain telling it that the ear is hearing sounds.

(from: wikipedia - eardrum)

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Monday, September 6, 2021

East Timor

We just learned about the country of Tajikistan

Let's learn a little about the country of East Timor, also called the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste!

This is a small country in Asia, that is just on the eastern half of the island of Timor.
The other half of the island is part of the country of Indonesia.

It is about 6,000 square miles, and has a little over 1 million people living there.
People in this country speak either Portuguese, Tetuma or English.

(from: wikipedia - east timor)

The flag of East Timor has a red background, with a yellow triangle covered by a black triangle, and a white star.
The yellow is for the country's history, the black is for truth, the red is for freedom, and the star is for peace.

(from: wikipedia - flag of east timor)

To eat in East Timor you might have bibinka, which is a kind of coconut cake.

(from: wikipedia - bibingka)

Visiting East Timor you might go see the statue Cristo Rei of Dili, which means Christ the King of Dili.
It is an 88 foot tall sculpture of Jesus standing on a globe, on top of a hill.
Below the statue is a small church, and behind the statue is a beach called Jesus' Backside Beach.

(from: wikipedia - cristo rei of dili)

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Sunday, September 5, 2021

Silent Night

We just learned about the Lift High the Cross, by Joseph Mohr and Franz Xaver Gruber in 1818 in Austria.

One of the most famous Christmas songs is Silent Night.

The German name for this song is "Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht".
Mohr had written the song as a poem, and wanted Gruber to write the music to go with it for a Christmas church service.
A river had flooded the church and the organ didn't work anymore, so Gruber wrote music for the guitar.
It was later written in English in 1859 in New York City.

One time on a Christmas Eve in 1914 when British and German soldiers were at war, both sides stop fighting for one night and sang Silent Night in English or Stille Nacht in German, and went out to meet each other on the battlefield in peace.
It was called the Christmas Truce of 1914.

(from: wikipedia - silent night)

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Saturday, September 4, 2021

Codex Arundel

We just learned about Leonardo da Vinci's Codex Atlanticus.

Another one of Leonardo da Vinci's famous books of inventions is the Codex Arundel, written around 1500 AD.

While da Vinci was working on his art, he also took a lot of notes about how the world works.
He was learning about how weights and pulleys worked, how mirrors worked, and even had ideas about the sun and moon.

One of his ideas was to use a curved mirror to take sunlight and use the solar power it to heat up cauldrons.
His book Codex Atlanticus is 283 pages of his writings about how things work.

(from: wikipedia - codex arundel)

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Friday, September 3, 2021

Swahili - Counting to Ninety Nine

We counted to 89 in Swahili, let's keep going!

90 tisini - sounds like tee-see-nee 文A

91 tisini na moja - sounds like tee-see-nee nah moh-jah 文A

92 tisini na mbili - sounds like tee-see-nee nah m-bee-lee 文A

93 tisini na tatu - sounds like tee-see-nee nah tah-too 文A

94 tisini na nne - sounds like tee-see-nee nah n-nay 文A

95 tisini na tano - sounds like tee-see-nee nah tah-noh 文A

96 tisini na sita - sounds like tee-see-nee nah see-tah 文A

97 tisini na saba - sounds like tee-see-nee nah sah-bah 文A

98 tisini na nane - sounds like tee-see-nee nah nah-nay 文A

99 tisini na tisa - sounds like tee-see-nee nah tee-sah 文A

(from: wikipedia - swahili language)

Russian: девяносто (devyanosto), девяносто один (devyanosto odin), девяносто два (devyanosto dva), девяносто три (devyanosto tri), девяносто семь (devyanosto sem'), девяносто восемь (devyanosto vosem'), девяносто девять (devyanosto devyat')

Norwegian: nitti, nittien, nittito, nittitre, nittifire, nittifam, nittiseks, nittisyv, nittiåtte, nittini

Greek: ενενήντα (enenínta), ενενήντα ένα (enenínta éna), ενενήντα δύο (enenínta dýo), ενενήντα τρεις (enenínta treis), ενενήντα τέσσερις (enenínta tésseris), ενενήντα πέντε (enenínta pénte), ενενήντα έξι (enenínta éxi), ενενήντα επτά (enenínta eptá), ενενήντα οκτώ (enenínta októ), ενενήντα εννέα (enenínta ennéa)

ASL: Ninety, ninety one, ninety two, ninety three, ninety four, ninety five, ninety six, ninety seven, ninety eight, ninety nine

Italian: novanta, novantuno, novantadoue, novantatre, novantaquattro, novantacinque, novantasei, novantasette, novantotto, novantanove

German: neunzig, einundneunzig, zweiundneunzig, dreiundneunzig, vierundneunzig, fünfundneunzig, sechsundneunzig, siebenundneunzig, achtundneunzig, neunundneunzig

Spanish: noventa, noventa y uno, noventa y dos, noventa y tres, noventa y cuatro, noventa y cinco, noventa y seis, noventa y siete, noventa y ocho, noventa y nueve

French: quatre-vingts dix, quatre-vingt onze, quatre-vingt douze, quatre-vingt treize, quatre-vingt quatorze, quatre-vingt quinze, quatre-vingt seize, quatre-vingt dix sept, quatre-vingt dix huit, quatre-vingt dix neuf