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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Car ignition

We just learned a little about Spark Plugs.

The ignition or starter is the part of the car that you put your keys into, then turn them, and it starts the car.

When you turn your keys, the car takes electricity from the battery and sends it to the sparkplugs to make a spark.
That spark explodes the gas inside the piston and starts the engine.

(From: Wikipedia - ignition system)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spark Plug

We just learned about a car's Muffler

Inside a car engine, when the pistons go up to push on the gas and make it ready to explode, the spark plug is the thing that lets out a little spark like a match lighting a fire, and BOOM the gas explodes and pushes the piston back down.

spark plug
(From: Wikipedia - spark plug)

The spark plug gets it's electricity from the car's battery, which looks like a big square block.

car battery
(From: Wikipedia - lead acid battery)

Thursday, October 18, 2012


A muffler is the part of the car that helps make the engine quieter.
When the engine runs it creates smoke, or exhaust, and that exhaust goes out through the muffler and then the tailpipe.

(from: wikipedia - exhaust system)

Without the muffler the car engine would be very loud.
The word "muffle" actually means to wrap something up to make it quieter,
so just like you can cover your mouth to make sounds quieter the muffler makes a car quieter.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


We just learned about Hardware and Software.

Let's learn a little about car engines.

Inside a car's engine is something called a piston.
It is inside a small metal tube, and it moves up and down.
When it moves up, it squishes the gasoline in the tube (which comes from the gas tank) and electricity comes from the spark plug and BOOM the gas explodes.

The gas explosion pushes the piston down, and that pushing over and over again is what makes the pistons run the engine and spin the wheels.

(from: wikipedia - internal combustion piston engine)