Art - List of topics

We've learned about a lot of different types of Art.

Different types of art:

  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Decoupage
    Cutting pieces of paper and gluing them together.
  • Drip Painting
    Putting a painting on the ground and then dripping paint drops and lines on it
  • Fresco
    Paintings made on a wall made of wet paste. When the paste dried it would help the colors soak into the wall.
  • Graphic Lithograph
    A painting made on limestone using grease, and then other chemicals to make it stick to the limestone permanently so they can use the stone to make a bunch of copies of the painting.
  • Oil Painting
  • Watercolor

Different styles of art:

  • Abstract Art
    Paintings that don't look like people or things or really anything at all.
  • Abstract Expressionism
    A painting that shows a lot of energy and feeling but usually isn't just a picture of something.
  • Constructivism
    Art that wasn't just to look at, but to help do something like change people's minds.
  • De Stijl
    Dutch for "The Style", using only a few colors and shapes.
  • Cubism
    A way to paint something showing all the sides of it, left, right, front and even back all on one painting.
  • Expressionism
    A way to paint something so different that it made people feel a certain way, expressing emotions.
  • Fauvism
    Named from the French words les Fauves, meaning the wild beasts, this kind of art used lots of strong colors and wild shapes.
  • Futurism
    Paintings that look like things were moving fast, because the world was moving fast after the car and airplane had just been invented.
  • Impressionism
    Artists that painted outside in the sunlight, using lots of sun and brightness to make things look alive and happy. They used bright colors in front of mixed colors, and would use mixed colors in very small strokes to make it look like sun was shining on them.
  • L'art pour l'art
    French meaning "Art for art's sake", these artists believed that a work of art should be good enough for people to enjoy without having to know a lot about art.
  • Pop Art
    Pop is short for popular, this was art of famous people or things.
  • Post Impressionism
    Paintings with lots of bright colors and lots of thick paint.
  • Realism
    Paintings that look like normal real people in real life.
  • ukiyo-e
    It means "Pictures of the floating world", and was people in Japan making pictures of history, nature and people usually using woodblock prints.
  • Suprematism
    Using simple shapes like circles, squares, lines and rectangles painted in simple colors like black, white, grey or brown.
  • Surrealism
    Making real looking pictures from dreams or imagination.
  • Tronie
    The head and shoulders of a person, usually with a smile or something standing out in the painting, and not necessarily a painting of anyone famous.

Art from different times:

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