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Friday, December 16, 2016

ASL - Six, seven, eight, nine, ten

We Counted to five now let's count to ten in ASL!

Remember for 1-5 your palm was facing toward you.
For 6-9, hold your hand out in front of you, with your palm facing away from you.
Hold up all your fingers, but hold down one for each number:

6 - Pinky finger.
7 - Ring finger.
8 - Tall finger.
9 - Index finger.

For 10, close your fist, put your thumb up, and wiggle your hand around.

Here is a helpful video showing these signs:

ASL Numbers 1-10 | Sign Language - My Smart Hands

(from: wikipedia - american sign language)

Italian: sei, setto, otto, nove, dieci

German: seis, sieben, acht, neun, zehn

Spanish: seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez

French: six, sept, huit, neuf, dix

Friday, December 9, 2016

ASL - One, two, three, four, five

Let's count to five in ASL!

All of these are with your hand out in front of you, and your palm facing toward you.
Hold up these fingers for each number:

1 - Index finger.
2 - Index finger and tall finger.
3 - Index finger, tall finger and thumb. (not ring finger!)
4 - Index finger, tall finger, ring finger and pinky.
5 - All five fingers.

Here is a helpful video showing these signs:

ASL Numbers 1-10 | Sign Language - My Smart Hands

(from: wikipedia - american sign language)

Italian: uno, due, tre, quattro, cinque

German: Ein, zwei, drei, veir, fünf

Spanish: Uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco

French: Un, deaux, trois, quatre, cinq

Friday, December 2, 2016

ASL - Dog, Cat

We just learned how to ask if someone speaks ASL.

To say dog in ASL, first pat your thigh a few times with your hand, like you are calling your dog over.
Then hold your hand out with your fingers closed and your palm facing up.
Snap your fingers twice, but it doesn't matter if it makes sound.
These motions are like if you were calling your dog over.

To say cat in ASL, you make the hand shape for the letter F, which also looks like the sign for OK.
Hold it up by the side of your mouth, but with your pointer and thumb not closed yet.
Pinch your fingers together, and pull them to the side.
This motion is like if you were a cat and had whiskers, and you were pulling on your whiskers.

Here is a helpful video showing these signs:

ASL Lesson 9: Animal Signs - Look! We're Learning!

(from: wikipedia - american sign language)

Italian: cane, gatto

German: Hunt, Katze

Spanish: perro, gato

French: chien, chat

Friday, November 25, 2016

ASL - Do you speak ASL?

To ask if someone speaks ASL, you might first want to find out if they are deaf or if they are hearing.

The sign for "deaf" is to use your right hand, with your index finger pointing up, touch it to your temple, and then just below your mouth.

The sign for "hearing" is with your right hand, and your index finger pointing to the left, move it in front of your mouth almost like you are brushing your teeth.

The sign for "sign" is with two hands, using your fingers pointing left and right at each other, spin them around each other like a wheel going backwards.

Remember the sign for "you" is just pointing your finger at someone, and the sign for "I" or "me" is pointing at your chest.

ASL is very different than other languages because you would simply say "you deaf", "you hearing" or "you sign".
It's very important to use your face and body to also show what you are saying.
If you are asking a question, make a face like you are asking a question, or lean forward toward the person.
Also many people who are deaf are very good at reading lips, so you can still move your lips or even speak out loud if you are speaking to a deaf person.

To answer "yes" in ASL, you make a fist with your hand, and move it up and down, almost like a puppet's head nodding.

To answer "no" you put your first and second fingers with your thumb, almost like a puppet's mouth, and open and close them twice.

Here is a helpful video showing these signs:

Sign Language Basics : Sign Language: Deaf or Hearing? Do You Sign? - expertvillage

(from: wikipedia - american sign language)

Italian: Parli italiano?

German: Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Spanish: ¿Hablas español?

French: parlez-vous français?

Friday, November 18, 2016

ASL - Please, You're Welcome

Remember that to say thank you in ASL, you move your hand away from your chin, toward the other person..

To say please in ASL you make the "5" handshape with your hand, then put it flat on your chest, and make a circle, like you are rubbing your chest.

There are a few different ways to say you're welcome.
The word welcome in ASL really means more like welcome to my home, so you don't want to sign that.
The easiest way is just to do the ASL sign for thank you again.
You can also do the sign for fine which is the "5" handshape, with your fingers pointed up, touch your thumb to your chest two times.
Another way is to do the sign for nothing, to say "it's nothing". For this sign, you put both your hands in the ASL "O" handshape, and shake them in front of you.

Here are what the 5 and O handshapes look like:

5 handshape:

O handshape:

(from: wiktionary - appendix:sign language handshapes)

Here are some helpful videos showing these signs:

Manners Signs - Kathy MacMillan

How to say "You're Welcome" in ASL? (Responses to "Thank You" in American Sign Language) - Meredith ASL

(from: wikipedia - american sign language)

Italian: per favore, prego

German: bitte, bitte schön

Spanish: Por favor, de nada

French: s'il vous plait, de rien

Friday, November 11, 2016

ASL - Very good thanks, and you?

We just learned how to say How are you? in ASL.

To respond, you might say "Very good thanks, and you?".

Remember we already learned the sign for good, moving the hand away from the chin.
The sign for good and thank you are almost exactly the same.
Usually the only difference might be that for "thank you" instead of moving your hand down, you move your hand out toward the other person and then down.
Or you can have your left base hand out for good, but not for thank you.

Then to say "and you", you would just do the same sign for "How are you?" that we learned.

Here is a helpful video showing these signs:

ASL Signs "How are you?" - teachmesignlanguage

(from: wikipedia - american sign language)

Italian: Molto bene, grazie.

German: Sehr gut, danke. Und Sie?

Spanish: Muy bien gracias. ¿Y tú?

French: Très bien, merci. Et vous?

Friday, November 4, 2016

ASL - How are you?

We just learned how to say Hello, Goodbye and Good Morning in ASL.

If you want to say How are you? in ASL, you start with how.

The hand shape you start with is like the "Bent B".

ASL bent b
(from: wiktionary - appendix:sign language handshapes)

It's like the Bent B, but not exactly the same.
Keep your thumb up, bend your hand, point your fingers down, and your palm is facing down.
You do this with both hands, have them meet in front of you with the backs of your fingers facing each other.

Then rotate your hand at the wrist, bringing your fingers up toward the inside of your body until they are pointed up.

After that make the hand shape for "1" with your index finger, and point at the person you're talking to.

A lot of ASL also uses your face and your body, so it helps if you lean forward to show that you are interested in how someone is.

Here is a helpful video showing this sign, and also a way to say "What's up?" that you might say to your close friends:

ASL Signs "How are you?" - teachmesignlanguage

(from: wikipedia - american sign language)

Italian: Come va? Molto bene, grazie.

German: Wie geht es Ihnen? Sehr gut, danke.

Spanish: ¿Cómo estás? Muy bien, gracias.

French: Comment allez-vous? Très bien, merci.

Friday, October 28, 2016

ASL - Good Morning

We just learned a few ways to say hello and goodbye in ASL.

Let's learn how to say Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Evening.

To start with, the word "Good" again uses the the "Open Hand" shape we learned about.

ASL open b
(from: wiktionary - appendix:sign language handshapes)

With your fingers pointing up and your palm toward your face, put your fingers on your chin, and then move your hand out forward and down.
That is the sign for Good.

Usually this sign is also done with your left hand out as your "base hand", and your right hand slaps down into your left hand.

For morning, put your left forearm up in front of you in a horizontal line.
Think of this like the horizon that the sun comes up from in the morning.

Take your left hand and put it on near the inside of your right elbow, and then bend your elbow inward, bringing your right hand up and toward your face.

Think of this like your left arm is the horizon, and your right hand is the sun coming up over the horizon.

For afternoon, use your left arm as the horizon again, but touch your left hand to the outside of your elbow by your forearm, and pointing your hand away from your face make a motion like the sun is going down a little.

For evening, your left arm is the horizon, and your right wrist goes onto the back of your left hand, and your hand goes over and down your left arm, almost like you are slam dunking a basketball.
That is the sun going down for evening.

So for each of these times of day, just put the sign for "Good" in front of them, and that is how you say Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening.

Here is a helpful video showing these signs:


(from: wikipedia - american sign language)

buongiorno, buon pomeriggio, buonasera, buona notte

Guten Morgen, Guten Tag, Guten Abend, Gute Nacht

Buenos días, buenos tardes, buenas noches

bonjour, bonsoir, bonne nuit

Friday, October 21, 2016

ASL - Hello and Goodbye

We've now learned a whole year of Italian words.
Molto bene!

Let's try another language now, how about ASL - American Sign Language?

This is a language created for people who can not hear, so you use your hands, to make most of the signs.

First let's learn how to say hello and goodbye.

To do this sign, you put your right hand in what is called the "Flat B" or "Flat Hand" shape. Then you put that hand up to your forehead pointed up with your index finger touching your forehead and your pinky facing out, and move your hand away from your face up and away, like a salute.

Here is the Flat B hand shape:
ASL flat b
(from: wiktionary - appendix:sign language handshapes)

To say goodbye, you hold your right hand up in what is called the "Open B" or "Open Hand" on your right side with your elbow bent and your palm facing forward.

Bend your your fingers down to your palm two times, like a closed hand wave.

Here is the Open B hand shape:
ASL open b
(from: wiktionary - appendix:sign language handshapes)

Here is a helpful video showing these signs:

Greetings, Introducing Yourself and Small Talk in American Sign Language - EmmaSigns

(from: wikipedia - american sign language)

Ciao, arrivederci

Hallo, Auf Wiedersehen

Hola! Adiós!

Bonjour! Au Revoir!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Italian - Vegetables

We just learned how to say some fruits in Italian.

Let's learn how to say some vegetables.

carrot carote - sounds like kah-doh-tay /?/
corn mais - sounds like may-ee-ss /?/
pea piselli - sounds like pee-sel-ee /?/

Goethe Institute
(from: wikipedia - Goethe Institute)

German: Karotte, Mais, Erbse

Spanish: zanahoria, maíz, guisante

French: carotte, maïs, pois

Friday, October 7, 2016

Italian - Fruit

We just learned how to say some things to drink in Italian.

Let's learn how to say some fruits.

apple mela - sounds like may-lah /?/
orange arancia - sounds like ah-dah-n-see-ah /?/
banana banana - sounds like bah-nah-nah /?/

Goethe Institute
(from: wikipedia - Goethe Institute)

apple Apfel - ah-p-fell
orange Orange - oh-uh-ah-n-zh-uh
banana Banane - bah-nah-nuh

apple manzana - mah-n-zah-n-ah
orange naranja - nah-dah-n-hah
banana banana - bah-nah-nah

apple pomme - poh-m
orange orange - oh-uh-ah-n-zh
banana banane - bah-nah-n

Friday, September 30, 2016

Italian - Drinks

We counted to 900 in Italian! Wow!

Let's learn how to say some things to drink.

water acqua - sounds like ah-koo-ah /?/
milk latte - sounds like lah-tay /?/
juice succo - sounds like soo-koh /?/

Goethe Institute
(from: wikipedia - Goethe Institute)

Wasser, Milch, Saft

agua, leche, jugo

eau, lait, jus

Friday, September 23, 2016

Italian - Nine Hundred

We counted to 109 in Italian! Wow!

What about 200 to 900?

In Italian for the hundreds, most use the first number and then cento for hundred.
So 200 in Italian is duecento.

200 duecento - sounds like doo-ay-chen-toh/?/
300 trecento - sounds like t-day-chen-toh /?/
400 quattrocento - sounds like koo-ah-t-do-chen-toh /?/
500 cinquecento - sounds like chee-n-koo-ay-chen-toh /?/
600 seicento - sounds like say-ee-chen-toh /?/
700 settecento - sounds like say-tay-chen-toh /?/
800 ottocento - sounds like oh-toh-chen-toh /?/
900 novecento - sounds like no-vay-chen-toh /?/

Goethe Institute
(from: wikipedia - Goethe Institute)

zweihundert, dreihundert, vierhundert, fünfhundert, sechshundert, siebenhundert, achthundert, neunhundert

doscientos, trescientos, cuatrocientos, quinientos, seiscientos, sietecientos, ochocientos, novecientos

French - deux cent, trois cent, quatre cent, cinq cent, six cent, sept cent, huit cent, neuf cent

Friday, September 16, 2016

Italian - One Hundred

We counted to 99 in Italian, let's keep going!

100 cento - sounds like sen-toh /?/
101 centuno - sounds like sen-too-noh /?/
102 centodue - sounds like sen-toh-doo-ay /?/
103 centotre - sounds like sen-toh-t-day /?/
104 centoquattro - sounds like sen-toh-koo-ah-t-doh /?/
105 centocinque - sounds like sen-toh-chee-n-koo-ay /?/
106 centosei - sounds like sen-toh-say-ee /?/
107 centosette - sounds like sen-toh-say-tay /?/
108 sentotto - sounds like sen-toh-toh /?/
109 sentonove - sounds like sen-toh-noh-vay /?/

Goethe Institute
(from: wikipedia - Goethe Institute)

: einhundert, einhunderteins, einhundertzwei, einhundertdrei, einhundertvier, einhundertfünf, einhundertsechs, einhundertsieben, einhundertacht, einhundertneun

ciento, ciento uno, ciento dos, ciento tres, ciento cuatro, ciento cinco, ciento seis, ciento siete, ciento ocho, ciento nueve

cent, cent, cent deux, cent trois, cent quatre, cent cinq, cent six, cent sept, cent huit

Friday, September 9, 2016

Italian - Counting to ninety nine

We counted to 89 in Italian, let's keep going!

90 novanta - sounds like no-vah-n-tah /?/
91 novantuno - sounds like no-vah-n-too-no /?/
92 novantadoue - sounds like no-vah-n-tah-doo-ay /?/
93 novantatre - sounds like no-vah-n-tah-t-day /?/
94 novantaquattro - sounds like no-vah-n-tah-koo-ah-t-doh /?/
95 novantacinque - sounds like no-vah-n-tah-chee-n-koo-ay /?/
96 novantasei - sounds like no-vah-n-tah-say-ee /?/
97 novantasette - sounds like no-vah-n-tah-say-tay /?/
98 novantotto - sounds like no-vah-n-toh-toh /?/
99 novantanove - sounds like no-vah-n-tah-no-vay /?/

Goethe Institute
(from: wikipedia - Goethe Institute)

neunzig, einundneunzig, zweiundneunzig, dreiundneunzig, vierundneunzig, fünfundneunzig, sechsundneunzig, siebenundneunzig, achtundneunzig, neunundneunzig

noventa, noventa y uno, noventa y dos, noventa y tres, noventa y cuatro, noventa y cinco, noventa y seis, noventa y siete, noventa y ocho, noventa y nueve

quatre-vingts dix, quatre-vingt onze, quatre-vingt douze, quatre-vingt treize, quatre-vingt quatorze, quatre-vingt quinze, quatre-vingt seize, quatre-vingt dix sept, quatre-vingt dix huit, quatre-vingt dix neuf

Friday, September 2, 2016

Italian - Counting to eighty nine

We counted to 79 in Italian, let's keep going!

80 ottanta - sounds like oh-tah-n-tah /?/
81 unottanta - sounds like oo-n-oh-tah-n-tah /?/
82 ottantadue - sounds like oh-tah-n-tah-doo-ay /?/
83 ottantatre - sounds like oh-tah-n-tah-t-day /?/
84 ottantaquattro - sounds like oh-tah-n-tah-koo-ah-t-doh /?/
85 ottantacinque - sounds like oh-tah-n-tah-chee-n-koo-ay /?/
86 ottantasei - sounds like oh-tah-n-tah-say-ee /?/
87 ottantasette - sounds like oh-tah-n-tah-say-tay /?/
88 ottantotto - sounds like oh-tah-n-tah-oh-toh /?/
89 ottantanove - sounds like oh-tah-n-tah-no-vay /?/

Goethe Institute
(from: wikipedia - Goethe Institute)

achtzig, einundachtzig, zweiundachtzig, dreiundachtzig, vierundachtzig, fünfundachtzig, sechsundachtzig, siebenundachtzig, achtundachtzig, neunundachtzig

ochenta, ochenta y uno, ochenta y dos, ochenta y tres, ochenta y cuatro, ochenta y cinco, ochenta y seis, ochenta y siete, ochenta y ocho, ochenta y nueve

quatre-vingts, quatre-vingts-un, quatre vingt deux, quatre vingt trois, quatre vingt quatre, quatre vingt cinq, quatre vingt six, quatre vingt sept, quatre vingt huit, quatre vingt neuf

Friday, August 26, 2016

Italian - Counting to seventy nine

We counted to 69 in Italian, let's keep going!

70 settanta - sounds like say-tah-n-tah /?/
71 settantuno - sounds like say-tah-n-too-noh /?/
72 settantadue - sounds like say-tah-n-tah-doo-ay /?/
73 settantatre - sounds like say-tah-n-tah-t-day /?/
74 settantaquattro - sounds like say-tah-n-tah-koo-ah-t-doh /?/
75 settantacinque - sounds like say-tah-n-tah-chee-n-koo-ay /?/
76 settantasei - sounds like say-tah-n-tah-say-ee /?/
77 settantasette - sounds like say-tah-n-tah-say-tay /?/
78 settantotto - sounds like say-tah-n-toh-toh /?/
79 settantanove - sounds like say-tah-n-tah-noh-vay /?/

Goethe Institute
(from: wikipedia - Goethe Institute)

siebzig, einundsiebzig, zweiundsiebzig, dreiundsiebzig, vierundsiebzig, fünfundsiebzig, sechsundsiebzig, siebenundsiebzig, achtundsiebzig, neunundsiebzig

setenta, setenta y uno, setenta y dos, setenta y tres, setenta y cuatro, setenta y cinco, setenta y seis, setenta y siete, setenta y ocho, setenta y nueve

soixante-dix, soixante et onze, soixante-douze, soixante-treize, soixante-quatorze, soixante-quinze, soixante-seize, soixante dix sept, soixante dix huit, soixante dix neuf

Friday, August 19, 2016

Italian - Counting to sixty nine

We counted to 59 in Italian, let's keep going!

60 sessanta - sounds like say-sah-n-tah /?/
61 sessantuno - sounds like say-sah-n-too-noh /?/
62 sessantadue - sounds like say-sah-n-tah-doo-ay /?/
63 sessantatre - sounds like say-sah-n-tah-t-day /?/
64 sessantaquattro - sounds like say-sah-n-tah-koo-ah-t-doh /?/
65 sessantacinque - sounds like say-sah-n-tah-chee-n-koo-ay /?/
66 sessantasei - sounds like say-sah-n-tah-say-ee /?/
67 sessantasette - sounds like say-sah-n-tah-say-tay /?/
68 sessantotto - sounds like say-sah-n-tah-oh-toh /?/
69 sessantanove - sounds like say-sah-n-tah-noh-vay /?/

Goethe Institute
(from: wikipedia - Goethe Institute)

sechzig, einundsechzig, zweiundsechzig, dreiundsechzig, vierundsechzig, fünfundsechzig, sechsundsechzig, siebenundsechzig, achtundsechzig, neunundsechzig

sesenta, sesenta y uno, sesenta y dos, sesenta y tres, sesenta y cuatro, sesenta y cinco, sesenta y seis, sesenta y siete, sesenta y ocho, sesenta y nueve

soixante, soixante et un, soixante-deux, soixante-trois, soixante-quatre, soixante-cinq, soixante-six, soixante-sept, soixante-huit, soixante-neuf

Friday, August 12, 2016

Italian - Counting to Fifty Nine

We count to 49 in Italian, let's keep going!

50 cinquanta - sounds like seen-koo-ah-n-tah /?/
51 cinquantuno - sounds like seen-koo-ah-n-too-noh /?/
52 cinquanta due - sounds like seen-koo-ah-n-tah doo-ay /?/
53 cinquanta tre - sounds like seen-koo-ah-n-tah t-day /?/
54 cinquantaquattro - sounds like seen-koo-ah-n-tah koo-ah-t-doh /?/
55 cinquantacinque - sounds like seen-koo-ah-n-tah chee-n-koo-ay /?/
56 cinquantasei - sounds like seen-koo-ah-n-tah say-ee /?/
57 cinquantasette - sounds like seen-koo-ah-n-tah say-tay /?/
58 cinquantotto - sounds like seen-koo-ah-n-toh-toh /?/
59 cinquantanove - sounds like seen-koo-ah-n-tah no-vay /?/

Goethe Institute
(from: wikipedia - Goethe Institute)

fünfzig, einundfünfzig, zweiundfünfzig, dreiundfünfzig, vierundfünfzig, fünfundfünfzig, sechsundfünfzig, siebenundfünfzig, achtundfünfzig, neunundfünfzig

cincuenta, cincuenta y uno, cincuenta y dos, cincuenta y tres, cincuenta y cuatro, cincuenta y cinco, cincuenta y seis, cincuenta y siete, cincuenta y ocho, cincuenta y nueve

cinquante, cinquante et un, cinquante-deux, cinquante-trois, cinquante-quatre, cinquante-cinq, cinquante-six, cinquante-sept, cinquante-huit, cinquante-deux

Friday, August 5, 2016

Italian - Counting to Forty Nine

We counted to 39 in Italian, let's keep going!

40 Quaranta - sounds like koo-ah-dah-n-tah /?/
41 quarantuno - sounds like koo-ah-dah-n-too-noh /?/
42 quarantadue - sounds like koo-ah-dah-n-tah-doo-ay /?/
43 quarantatre - sounds like koo-ah-dah-n-tah-t-day /?/
44 quarantaquattro - sounds like koo-ah-dah-n-tah-koo-ah-t-doh /?/
45 quarantacinque - sounds like koo-ah-dah-n-tah-chee-n-koo-ay /?/
46 quarantasei - sounds like koo-ah-dah-n-tah-say-ee /?/
47 quarantasette - sounds like koo-ah-dah-n-tah-say-tay /?/
48 quarantotto - sounds like koo-ah-dah-n-tah-oh-toh /?/
49 quarantanove - sounds like koo-ah-dah-n-tah-noh-vay /?/

Goethe Institute
(from: wikipedia - Goethe Institute)

vierzig, einundvierzig, zweiundvierzig, dreiundvierzig, vierundvierzig, fünfundvierzig, sechsundvierzig, siebenundvierzig, achtundvierzig, neunundvierzig

quarenta, quarenta y uno, quarenta y dos, quarenta y tres, quarenta y cuatro, quarenta y cinco, quarenta y seis, quarenta y siete, quarenta y ocho, quarenta y nueve

quarante, quarante et un, quarante-deux, quarante-trois, quarante-quatre, quarante-cinq, quarante-six, quarante-sept, quarante-huit, quarante-neuf