Thursday, January 10, 2013


Remember we learned before about measuring waves using wavelength.
(from: wikipedia sine)

And we learned that how often something happens in a given amount of time is called a frequency.
(from: wikipedia - frequency)

Well did you know that the colors of the rainbow are all different because of their wavelength and frequency?

For example, the color red has a very long wavelength, and a very low frequency.
But the color violet has a very short wavelength, and a very high frequency.

That's why the colors of the rainbow are in the order they are,
and why we put them in the order of ROY G BIV.

Red is the longest wavelength and lowest frequency.
Violet is the shortest wavelength and highest frequency.
Green is right in the middle.

Sometimes it's easier to understand by looking,
so here's a good picture that helps show how the different colors have different wavelengths and frequencies:
color waves