Thursday, April 18, 2013


We've learned now about measuring distance and time.

Another thing we can measure is called Velocity.

Velocity means speed, or how fast you are going.
It is measured by looking at how much time it takes you to go a distance.
So if you run for 20 meters and it takes you 10 seconds,
then you would say that your velocity was 20 meters per 10 seconds.

If you know your division, you can do 20 / 10 = 2
and then say your velocity was 2 meters per 1 second.

Sometimes we use just one letter for time and distance,
m = meters
s = seconds

So you could write 2 meters per 1 second as 2 m/s

You may also have seen the letters mph before,
that means you are measuring velocity in miles per hour,
and saying how many miles you can go in one hour at the speed you are going.

(from: wikipedia - velocity)