Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Squirrels are fun silly little animals, and exciting to watch as they run around climbing trees.

There are over 280 different types of squirrels, from the fox squirrels we see very often,
to the White tailed antelope squirrel and the Thirteen lined ground squirrel.

Squirrels live in pretty much every part of the planet, from super wet tropical rainforests to super dry deserts!
They pretty much only don't live in super freezing areas like Antarctica.

fox squirrel
(from: wikipedia - fox squirrel)

When you see a squirrel running around burying nuts in the ground,
that's the way they save up food for the coming fall and winter.
They are called scatter-hoarders, because they scatter their food and hoard it.

Sometimes the squirrels forget where they bury the nuts, and the buried nuts grow and turn into trees.
If a squirrel thinks it is being watched by someone who is going to steal their nuts,
some smart squirrels will even just pretend to dig a hole and bury the nut,
and then move on to another place!

squirrel eating a peanut
(from: wikipedia - squirrel)