Sunday, December 8, 2013

Jesus' Apostles - Thomas

We've learned about 7 of the twelve apostles so far:
Fishermen Andrew and Simon Peter
Fishermen James and John who were brothers and sons of Zebedee.
Philip and Bartholomew who were from the same town as the others.
Matthew the tax collector.

Another one of the Apostles was named Thomas.

He is sometimes called doubting Thomas because when the news came that Jesus had risen from the dead, he said that he would not believe it unless he saw Jesus with his own eyes and touched him with his own hands.

When Jesus appeared before him, he said that Thomas should have believed without seeing, because of so many others that believe without seeing.

That lesson helps us to remember that believing in Jesus doesn't always mean we get to see miracles, meet angels or meet Jesus face to face, it means we have to have faith even though we can't see him.
jesus apostle thomas
(from: wikipedia - thomas the apostle)

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