Sunday, February 9, 2014

Jesus' Miracles - Healing on the Sabbath

We've learned about Jesus' Miracles healing lepers, healing the blind, healing the paralyzed and healing women

One time some of the people that didn't like Jesus tried to trick him into breaking one of God's commandments.
People believed that you should always rest on the Sabbath day, a holy day that you should set aside just to worship God and not do any work. This was one of Moses's ten commandments.

So the people brought Jesus to a man who was sick and asked if it was OK for him to heal someone on the holy day. Jesus knew it was a trick, and said that if one of those people had a child or an ox that fell into a well, they would rescue it, so it was OK for him to heal the sick man.

jesus healing
(from: wikipedia - healing a man with dropsy)

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