Monday, June 16, 2014


We just learned about the African country of Algeria.

Uganda is a small country in the middle of Southern Africa, just West of Kenya.
(from: wikipedia - uganda)

The Ugandan country motto is For God and My Country.

Uganda's flag is has six stripes, in a black yellow red pattern.
The black color represents the African people, the yellow is Africa's sunshine, and the red is the blood through which all Africans are connected.
In the middle of the flag is the grey crowned crane, which is a bird famous for its gentle nature.
uganda flag
(from: wikipedia - flag of uganda)

To eat in Uganda you might have Nsenene, which is cooked fried katydids, or maybe Nswaa which is fried termites!
(from: wikipedia - tettigoniidae)
(from: wikipedia - termite)

The Rwenzori Mountain range in Uganda is the highest mountain range in Africa.
rwenzori mountains
(from: wikipedia - rwenzori mountains)

One type of music in Uganda is called Kadongo Kamu, which means little guitar.
kadongo kamu
(from: wikipedia - barnard kabanda)

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