Wednesday, August 27, 2014


We just learned about the Koala.

Starfish are invertibrates. That means they don't have bones!

The bottom of the starfish legs have tiny little tubes, that are called tube feet.
These tube feet squish water in and out to slowly move the starfish along the ocean floor.
They also use them to breathe, like the gills of a fish.

starfish tube feet
(from: wikipedia - starfish)

Some starfish can regrow their arms if they get attacked by a fish and lose an arm,
and some are able to split themselves into two and make another starfish!

starfish regrow legs
(from: wikipedia - starfish)

The hard poky parts on the outside of the starfish are called ossicles, and are one way that starfish keep themselves from being eaten.
(from: wikipedia - starfish)

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