Sunday, January 25, 2015

Jesus Trial - Sanhedrin

We just learned about when Jesus was arrested, and he told his apostles not to fight after they got out their swords.

After Jesus was arrested by the people who didn't like him, they took him to the leaders of the Hebrews at that time, a group of people called the Sanhedrin that were in charge of making sure people were following God's laws.

Most of them did not like Jesus and thought he was causing problems with the people, and they did not believe he was the son of God.

They made fun of him, beat him, and asked him many questions.
When they asked him if he was Christ the son of God, he said that he was.

For the Hebrews, it was against the law for a person to say that, and they did not believe that Jesus really was the son of God.
So they said that he was guilty of blasphemy, which means saying things against God.

(from: wikipedia - sanhedrin trial of jesus)

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