Monday, May 11, 2015

New Mexico

We just learned about the US state of New Jersey.

New Mexico is a state in the south west part of the country, bordering the country of Mexico to the south.
It's mottos are the Land of Enchantment, and Crescit eundo which means It grows as it goes.

(from: wikipedia - new mexico)

The flag of New Mexico is yellow, with a red sun symbol used by the Zia Native American people.
The red and yellow are for the flag of Spain that brought people to Mexico to claim the land.

(from: wikipedia - flag of new mexico)

The seal of New Mexico shows an American bald eagle which stands for the US, and a Mexican bald eagle which stands for the Mexican people that helped claim the land long ago.

(from: wikipedia - seal of new mexico)

There are some very large caves in New Mexico, called the Carlsbad Caverns.

(from: wikipedia - carlsbad caverns national park)

White Sands National Monument is a large group of sand dunes, made up of a type of white salt called gypsum.
It is the largest bunch of gypsum dunes in the world.
(from: wikipedia - white sands national monument)

The oldest standing church in the US is in Santa Fe, called the San Miguel Chapel, built in 1610.

(from: wikipedia - santa fe, new mexico)

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