Sunday, January 31, 2016

Advent Season

Let's keep learning about the Church Calendar.

The first season in the church calendar is called Advent.
It is the 4 weeks that come before Christmas.

Some churches use the color purple for that season, and others use the color blue.

Some Advent traditions are:
An Advent Wreath, which is a green wreath with 4 candles on it. One candle is lit each Sunday until Christmas.
In some countries long ago they used to have wreaths with 24 candles, lighting a big one on Sundays and 6 small ones the other days of the week.

(from: wikipedia - advent wreath)

In Italy they celebrate Advent by having people play bagpipes before shrines of Mary the mother of Jesus, to remember the shepherds that came to the manger to visit Jesus.

Advent Calendars for each day of Advent, and a door is opened each day of the calendar.

(from: wikipedia - advent calendar)

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