Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ball-peen Hammer

We just learned about the Anvil - Pritchel Hole.

When a blacksmith has a piece of hot metal, there are a few different types of hammers they can use.

One is called a ball-peen hammer.
This hammer has one flat side, and one rounded ball shaped side.

Peening metal means to hit the metal with a hammer to bend or shape it.
Because the one side of the ball-peen hammer is ball shaped, it will bend and shape the metal differently than a flat hammer.

The ball shaped side has a few different uses.
It can be used to make small marks in the metal for a different look.
It can help hammer small nails called rivets into holes.
It can help mush the metal up against corner pieces.

(from: wikipedia - ball-peen hammer)

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