Friday, December 30, 2016

ASL - Red, Orange, Yellow

We just learned about the alphabet in ASL.

Now let's learn some colors!

red - Hold up your pointer finger in front of your chin below your mouth, and pull it down two times, almost like you are scratching your chin.

orange - Hold your hand out like a fist in front of and below your mouth, and squeeze it two times, almost like you are squeezing a bottle of orange juice into your mouth.

yellow - Hold up your hand in the finger spelling sign for "Y" and spin your hand two times.

Here is a helpful video showing these signs:

Learn to sign: COLORS in American Sign Language - Meredith ASL

(from: wikipedia - american sign language)

Italian: rosso, arancione, giallo

German: rot, orange, gelb

Spanish: rojo, naranja, amarillo

French: rouge, orange, jaune