Wednesday, May 10, 2017

American Bullfrog

We just learned about Poison Dart Frogs.

Another type of frog is the American Bullfrog.
These frog get their name because they make a low deep croak that sounds like a bull's roar.

Just like there are some types of frogs called Bufonidae that are called "True Toads", there are also some types of frogs called Ranidae, that are called "True Frogs", and the bullfrog is a true frog.

Unlike a lot of other animals, the female bullfrog is usually larger than the male frog, and the male bullfrogs have yellow throats.
When a group of male bullfrogs gets together in a group, it is called a "chorus".
The male bullfrogs will all get together and croak to call out for female bullfrogs.

Bullfrogs can grow to be 6 inches long, and can jump 10 times their body, length. That means a 6 inch frog could jump 5 feet!

(from: wikipedia - american bullfrog)

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