Sunday, October 14, 2018

Apollos - Bishop of Cæsarea

We just learned about the Sosipater - Bishop of Iconium, one of the seventy disciples.

The next three of the seventy listed were bishops that also lived along with Sosipater in the same area and helped tell people about Jesus:

Tertius - Bishop of Iconium
Erastus - Bishop of Panellas
Quartus - Bishop of Berytus

Another of the seventy was Apollos - Bishop of Cæsarea.

Apollos worked with the Apostle Paul to help tell people about Jesus in Corinth.
Paul talks about Apollos a few times in the Bible as he goes and teaches him about Jesus and how to teach other people.

Apollos became the leader of the church in Corinth, and Paul talks about him in the book of the Bible called Corinthians, which was a letter to the church leaders in the town of Corinth.

(from: wikipedia - apollos)

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