Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Sea Wasp

We just learned about the Diplulmaris Antarctica.

Another type of jellyfish is the Sea Wasp also called the chironex fleckeri.

Some people call this jellyfish the most lethal jellyfish in the world, because it has caused deaths because of its painful sting.

They mostly live around the north side of Australia, and can have tentacles up to 10 feet long.

Their sting hurts very badly, and after getting stung a person needs to get to a hospital right away!

Luckily because these jellyfish only live in one spot in the world, people know to watch out for them, and try to put warning signs up where they are at in the water.

(from: wikipedia - chironex fleckeri)

(from: youtube - BOX Jellyfish - The Most Dangerous Sea Creature - Free Documentary)

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