Sunday, September 15, 2019

The Great Persecution - Persia

We just learned about the city of Constantinople.

Another part of early Christianity is the The Great Persecution - Persia.

The great persecution is the name for when Christians were killed or put in jail for being Christian.
It had happened in Rome a long time ago, until Constantine took over.

After he created the city of Constantinople and was the ruler of the Roman empire, some of the other countries did not like him and were worried that he would come and try to take them over.

In the country of Persia, there was an emperor named Shapur II who was at war with the country of Rome.
The leader of the Christian church in Persia was named Simeon Barsabae.
Shapur II got angry with him and all the other leaders of the church because they were Christian, and the Roman empire was the head of the Christian church, so he killed Simeon and thousands of other Christians to try and stop Christianity from coming into his country.

(from: wikipedia - shemon bar sabbae)

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