Saturday, June 13, 2020

Black Hawk Statue - Lorado Taft

We just learned about the sculpture of Johns Hopkins by Hans Schuler.

Another famous American sculpture is the Black Hawk Statue, also called The Eternal Indian made by Lorado Taft in 1911, in Oregon Illinois.

This statue is 48 feet tall, and stands on a 77 foot high cliff by the Rock River overlooking the city.
Black Hawk was a Sauk Native American who fought many battles for his tribe in Illinois.
The statue is the second tallest concrete statue of a person, just after the statue of Jesus in Rio de Janeiro.

Taft made many other monument statues honoring people in the Midwest area.
In Chicago he made a 126 foot long sculpture with 100 people called Fountain of Time showing the peace of the US and Great Britain for 100 years.
He also made The Soldier's Monument in Oregon Illinois, honoring the people who fought in the Spanish-American war.

Taft was born in Elmwood Illinois, where he grew up learning about sculpting.
When he was 20 he moved to Paris to learn more about sculpting, and then moved back in 1886 to Chicago to make sculptures and become a teacher.

He helped teach sculpting to many other people in America that went on to become famous.

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