Monday, May 24, 2021


We just learned about the country of Bahrain

Let's learn a little about the country of Bhutan!

This is a small country in Asia, bordering China and India.
Only about 750,000 people live there, and it is only about 15,000 square miles.

The country is known as the Land of the Thunder Dragon, and people in this country speak a language called Dzongkha.

(from: wikipedia - )

The flag of Bhutan is yellow and orange, with a white dragon in the middle.

(from: wikipedia - flag of bhutan)

To eat in Bhutan you might have Ema datshi, which is made from hot peppers, cheese and rice.

(from: wikipedia - ema datshi)

The highest unclimbed mountain peak in the world is in Bhutan called the Gankhar Puensum, or also White Peak of the Three Spiritual Brothers.
It is part of the Himalayan mountain range, and the Bhutan people believe it is a special place so they do not allow anyone to climb it.

(from: wikipedia - gangkhar puensum)

The takin (Budorcas taxicolor; /ˈtɑːkɪn/), also called cattle chamois or gnu goat,[2] is a large species of ungulate of the subfamily Caprinae found in the eastern Himalayas. It includes four subspecies: the Mishmi takin (B. t. taxicolor), the golden takin (B. t. bedfordi), the Tibetan (or Sichuan) takin (B. t. tibetana), and the Bhutan takin (B. t. whitei). Whilst the takin has in the past been placed together with the muskox in the tribe Ovibovini, more recent mitochondrial research shows a closer relationship to Ovis (sheep).[3] Its physical similarity to the muskox is therefore an example of convergent evolution.[4] The takin is the national animal of Bhutan.[5] The national animal of Bhutan is the Takin, which is sort of like a goat-antelope.

(from: wikipedia - takin)

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