Wednesday, May 18, 2022

North American River Otter

We just learned about the Sea Otter.

Another type of animal in the same family is the North American River Otter, or lontra canadensis.

This otter is a lot like the sea otter, and a lot of people think they are the same animal.
But the sea otter lives in the saltwater of the ocean, and sometimes lives their whole life in the water.
The river otter lives in the rivers and lakes of the northern parts of the United States and Canada.

They love the water and can swim all day, but they also have a home on land called a den where they raise their little baby otters.
River otters grow to be about 100 centimeters long, and weigh about 10 kilograms.
Their fur is short and very thick to keep them warm.
Just like the sea otter they can close their ears and noses to keep water out.

(from: wikipedia - north american river otter)

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