Thursday, July 1, 2021


We just learned about the Car Battery.

Another part of a car is the Radiator.

We learned before about the coolant passages in an engine that bring cooled liquid through holes in the hot engine to cool it down.

After the liquid called coolant comes out of the engine it has been heated up by the engine.
The hot liquid then goes to the radiator to get cooled off.
The radiator is a bunch of tubes with a bunch of metal fins on it.
The metal fins help pull the heat away from the tubes and cool down the liquid.
There is also a fan that is blowing on the radiator to try and cool it down.

The liquid that is in the radiator is called coolant or antifreeze, which is a mix of water and some other chemicals that won't turn to ice in the winter.

(from: wikipedia - radiator)

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