Monday, October 31, 2022

Guangzhou China

We just learned about the city of Karachi Pakistan.

Let's learn a little about the city of Guangzhou China, also called Canton!

This city is in China.
It is about 7,000 square kilometers, and about 18 million people live there.
The people in this city speak either Cantonese or Mandarin.

(from: wikipedia - guangzhou)

Guangzhou has a soccer team and two basketball teams the Loong Lions and Leopards.

(from: wikipedia - guangzhou)

To eat in this city you might have Chow Mein, which is made of fried noodles with vegetables and meat.

(from: wikipedia - cantonese cuisine)

Visiting this city you might go see the Sacred Heart Cathedral, built in 1863.

(from: wikipedia - sacred heart cathedral (guangzhou))

There is a legend in the city of Canton about five spirits that rode magical goats into town and gave the people wheat stalks that grew and helped the town.

(from: wikipedia - the legend of five goats)

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