Wednesday, November 14, 2012


We just learned a little about .

A corgi is a type of dog, and there are two types of corgis:

Cardigan Welsh Corgi (bigger, huskier, has a tail)
cardigan welsh corgi
(From: Wikipedia - cardigan welsh corgi)

Pembroke Welsh Corgi (smaller, no tail)
pembroke welsh corgi
(From: Wikipedia - pembroke welsh corgi)

The pembroke corgi is the more popular dog, most likely because the Queen of England has had several pet corgis through the years.

Old legends say that fairies used to ride corgis like horses, and that's why they have that white mark around their necks from where the saddle was.

(From: The Fairy Tale of Two Corgis)

(From: Custom Fairy Steed Corgi Dog Costume)