Thursday, November 8, 2012

Text Messages

We just learned a little about Car Ignition

Text messages are simple messages that you can send to your friends over your mobile phones.

After you type out a message on your phone, you click a send button and off it goes!
(From: Wikipedia - iphone)

The phone then connects through the air using something special called radio waves.
They are invisible energy, kind of like how you can't see what is pulling two magnets together, you can't see the gravity that is keeping your feet on the ground, and you can't see the light coming from a remote control talking to the TV.

The radio waves from the phone connect to something called a cell phone tower.
If you keep your eyes open and look around up high you might be able to find a cell phone tower.
They're usually big white towers with something on the very top.

(From: Wikipedia - cellular network)

The cell phone tower then talks to other cell phone towers until it finds out which one is closest to the mobile phone of the person you're trying to send your message to.
Once it finds them, it sends the message to their phone using those radio waves and BEEP they get your message!