Sunday, May 5, 2013


Let's keep learning about the other Books of History in the Old Testament.

We already learned about Joshua and Judges.

Next up is Ruth.

During the days from the book of Judges, an Israelite woman named Naomi had a husband and two sons.
Both of the sons married women that were from the land of Moab, where they didn't know about God's laws and his people.

Then Naomi's husbands and her two sons both died!
She was alone, and only her one daughter in law Ruth stayed with her.

Naomi and Ruth both returned to Bethlehem, and there Ruth worked very hard to help gather leftover crops, and because of her hard work a man named Boaz noticed her and ended up marrying her!

Ruth was a very important mother, because her great grandson was David who went on to be king of Israel.

(from: wikipedia - ruth (biblical figure))