Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wasps and Bees

We just learned about the Flying Squirrel.

Let's learn about Wasps and Bees.

When striped yellow bugs are flying in the air, it can be hard to tell sometimes if it is a bee or a wasp.
Maybe because there are over 100,000 types of wasps, and 20,000 types of bees!

The biggest difference you can notice is that most bees have some hair on them, and wasps have no hair.
Bees eat nectar from flowers, and wasps eat other bugs.
Most bees die when they sting you, and most wasps don't die and can keep stinging.

Even though we might be scared of bee and wasp stings, they do help us out!
Bees help make flowers grow, and wasps eat small bugs that can hurt plants and crops.

Here is a honey bee:
honey bee
And a bumble bee:
bumble bee

Here is a yellow jacket (wasp):
yellow jacket
Here is a hornet:
(from: wikipedia - characteristics of common wasps and bees)