Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Frog breathing

We just learned that the red thing on a rooster's head is called the Comb

Let's learn more fun stuff!

How can frogs stay so long underwater?
Because they can breathe air right through their skin!

When they are in the water, the oxygen they need to breathe
can go right into their body through their skin.

Their skin is permeable which means it allows things like water to get through it.
(from: wikipedia - frog)

When they are above water, they don't have very strong lungs to breathe with,
so they do something called buccal pumping. Buccal means cheeks or mouth.

This means they use their mouth to suck air in and out of their lungs.
If you watch underneath a frog's mouth, you can usually see their throat area puffing out and sucking in.
That's them breathing using buccal pumping!

buccal pumping
(from: wikipedia - buccal pumping)