Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hippo Sunscreen

We just learned about how frogs breathe with their cheeks

Hippos live in the hot Southern part of the African continent.

With all that sun out there, they've got to keep from getting a sunburn,
and their bodies have a pretty cool way to do it.

From underneath a hippo's skin comes a type of gooey stuff called mucus,
and it comes out through their skin like sweat.

It's red colored, and it looks like sweat, so people sometimes call it blood sweat,
but it's really two kinds of acid that mix together in the hippo's body
and then come out through their skin like sweat.

This red gooey mucus acid stuff (called hipposudoric and norhipposudoric acid)
is the hippo's natural sunscreen!

It turns hard and it stays on their body even if they go in and out of the water.
(from: wikipedia - hippopotamus)

Wouldn't it be great if our body could make it's own sunscreen?