Sunday, October 27, 2013

Jesus as a young boy

We just learned a little about what happened After Jesus' Birth

The bible doesn't tell us about how Jesus grew up as a baby or a little kid,
but it does tell us about one time when he was twelve years old.

Jesus whole family and many friends traveled from Nazareth to Jerusalem for a big festival.
After the festival was over, everyone went back home, but Jesus was not with them.
His parents thought maybe he was lost in their crowd of family and friends,
because there were so many people it would be easy to get mixed up.

But Jesus had stayed in Jerusalem and was staying in the temple (which was like a church)
talking to the teachers and asking them questions.

All of the teachers were amazed at how much Jesus knew and understood!
They did not know he was the son of God!

When Jesus' parents found him, they asked why he didn't come home with them,
and he told them he was in his father's house.

They didn't understand at the time, but he meant that since he was the son of God
and he was in God's house, that being in the temple was being in his father's house.
jesus in the temple
(from: wikipedia - finding jesus in the temple)

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