Monday, October 28, 2013


We just learned about the country of Vatican City.

Switzerland is another country in Europe!

(from: wikipedia - switzerland)

For breakfast in Switzerland you might have a bowl of meusli,
a cereal invented there with oats grains nuts and fruits.
(from: wikipedia - swiss cuisine)

There is a big invention called the large hadron collider that scientists built
in Switzerland to maybe help us understand how the universe works!
large hadron collider
(from: wikipedia - large hadron collider)

In the old days people in the Swiss mountains used to use a big long horn
called the alphorn to talk to each other across the mountains.
(from: wikipedia - alphorn)

The mountain range running through Switzerland is called the Alps,
and in the alps is a famous mountain called the Matterhorn.
(from: wikipedia - matterhorn)

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