Monday, July 28, 2014


We just learned about the country of Ivory Coast.

Angola is a country on the Southeast coast of Africa, on the Atlantic ocean.
angola map
(from: wikipedia - angola)

The flag of Angola is a red stripe above a black stripe, with a wheel, knife and star in the middle.

The red stands for the blood of the people fighting for independence.
The black is for the continent of Africa.
The wheel is for the machine workers and the knife is for the farmers.
flag of angola
(from: wikipedia - flag of angola)

To eat in Angola you might have calulu, which is dried fish with vegetabls and rice.
(from: wikipedia - angolan cuisine)

There is a place called Miradouro da Lua which means viewpoint of the moon that many people go to visit.
miradouro da lua
(from: wikipedia - angola)

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