Thursday, July 10, 2014


We just learned about the element of Copper

Another chemical element is Mercury, called "Hg" for short (from the Greek word "hydrargyros" which means "water-silver") on the Periodic Table.

When we think of metals, we think of heavy hard things, like iron or copper.
Those are all solid metals.

Mercury is a very special metal that is a liquid at normal temperatures!

All metals can be melted down to be liquid if they get hot enough.
The temperature they turn to liquid at is called their melting point.
Most metals have to get very hot to turn to liquid, like iron needs to be 2,800 degrees F.

Mercury stays liquid at normal room temperature, and won't turn into a solid until it gets super cold -37 degrees F.

(from: wikipedia - mercury)

Another interesting thing about mercury being a liquid, is that some metals are lighter than mercury, and the metal can actually float on top of the liquid.
metal coin floating on mercury
(from: wikipedia - mercury)

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