Monday, September 29, 2014


We just learned about the country of Chad.

Tunisia is a country on the North East part of Africa.
It is on the Mediterranean Sea, and is very close to Italy.

(from: wikipedia - tunisia)

The flag of Tunisia is a red rectangle, with a white crescent and star in the middle.
The red is for the blood of the people in their fight for freedom.
The white is for peace, and the crescent and star are for the beliefs of the people of Tunisia.

(from: wikipedia - flag of tunisia)

To eat in Tunisia you might have lablabi, which is a soup made with chick peas, garlic and cumin spice served with bread.

(from: wikipedia - lablabi)

In the city of El Djem there are some very large old buildings, like a giant ampitheater where people used to watch performances.

(from: wikipedia - tunisia)

The flower Jasmine is very popular in Tunisia.

If a man is wearing white jasmine on his left ear, it means he is not married.
If someone gives another person white jasmine it means they are in love.
And if someone gives another person jasmine that is does not have any nice smell it means they are not being nice.

(from: wikipedia - culture of tunisia)

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