Monday, September 22, 2014


We just learned about the country of Senegal.

Chad is one of the larger countries in Africa, it is in the middle of the Northern part of the continent.

(from: wikipedia - chad)

The flag of Chad is three stripes, blue yellow and red.
The blue is for the sky, hope and water.
The yellow is for the sun and the desert.
The red is for the progress, unit and sacrifice.

(from: wikipedia - flag of chad)

To eat in Chad you might have smoked cooked alestes, which is a type of fish.

(from: wikipedia - alestes)

Clean water is not easy to get in Chad, so many people have to walk miles to get buckets of water to bring back to their town.

(from: wikipedia - chad)

The balafon is a type of musical instrument in Chad. It is a kind of wooden xylophone.

(from: wikipedia - balafon)

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