Thursday, December 4, 2014

Cold Front

We've learned that water vapor can get lifted up into the air to become clouds by things called weather fronts.

One type of front is called a cold front.
It's when a whole bunch of cold air is moving along together in the wind in one direction.

When the cold front hits a bunch of warm air, it is heavier than the warm air.
So the warm air lifts high up into the air.
Almost like a shovel pushing along, the cold air stays low and the warm air goes high.

Remember that the warm air can be full of water vapor, and now that water vapor is high up in the sky where clouds start forming.

When the weather scientists want to show cold fronts on a map, they use blue triangles on a line, with the tip of the triangle pointing which way the cold front is moving.

(from: wikipedia - cold front)

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