Monday, December 1, 2014


We just learned about the US state of Connecticut.

Delaware is a state on the northeast part of the US, right on the Atlantic ocean.
It is the second smallest state in the US.
It was named after one of the first people to come to America and help build the nation, Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr.

It's nicknames are: The First State; The Small Wonder; Blue Hen State; The Diamond State.

(from: wikipedia - delaware)

The flag of Delaware has a tan colored diamond on a blue background. These were the colors that the first US president George Washington wore when he fought in the war for America's freedom.

The flag shows the date of December 17, 1787 because Delaware was the first state in the USA to ratify the US Constitution. That means they were the first ones to agree to all the rules made for our country.

There is a shield in the middle that has wheat, corn and an ox for Delaware's farming.
A ship is shown because Delaware was famous for making ships, and it is right on the ocean.
There is a blue stripe for the Delaware river.
Two people are on the flag, one is a farmer and the other is a soldier.
The flag has the words Liberty and Independence.

(from: wikipedia - flag of delaware)

Delaware Bay is a large bay of water right next to Delaware that is a very important place for ships to come in from the ocean.
It is the second busiest place for ships, right after the Mississippi river.

(from: wikipedia - delaware bay)

The 47th Vice President of the US Joe Biden is from Delaware.

(from: wikipedia - joe biden)

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