Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cirrostratus cloud

We've now learned that cirrus clouds are thin wispy stringy clouds way up high in the sky,
cumulus clouds are big and puffy, almost like cotton balls,
cumulonimbus clouds are tall mushroom shaped clouds that are seen during storms,
stratus clouds are flat hazy foggy clouds that sometimes have light rain,
and nimbostratus clouds are big, hazy and dark and are a sign of rain.

Another type of cloud is called a cirrostratus cloud.
Just like cirrus clouds, they are very high up in the sky, and just like stratus clouds they are flat and hazy.

Since they are so high up in the sky they are usually made up of tiny ice crystals, and because of this sometimes at night they can make a halo around the moon in the night sky.

(from: wikipedia - cirrostratus cloud)

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