Monday, February 16, 2015


We just learned about the state of Louisiana.

Maine is a state in the north east part of the US, with the Atlantic Ocean on it's east side, and Canada to the north.

It's nicknames are: The Pine Tree State and Vacationland because it has so many nice forests and natural beauty.

It's motto is: Dirigo, which means I lead.

(from: wikipedia - maine)

The flag of Maine has the state seal on it, which shows a farmer, a sailor, a moose, a pine tree, the ocean and the north star.

(from: wikipedia - flag of maine)

Maine is famous for the lobsters that people catch in the ocean.

(from: wikipedia - american lobster)

Maine has close to 70 lighthouses because it is on the coast of the Atlantic and has so many ships coming and going.

(from: wikipedia - burnt island light)

Most of Maine is covered in forests. Of the 35,000 square miles in the state, about 30,000 is forests!

(from: wikipedia - acadian forests)

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