Saturday, August 8, 2015

Le Pont de Moret, effet d’orage - Sisley

We just learned about the famous work of art Le Boulevard de Montmartre, Matinée de Printemps by Pissarro.

Another famous work of art is Le Pont de Moret, effet d’orage by French artist Alfred Sisley in 1887.

Sisley was an Impressionist painter like Claude Monet.
He mostly painted outside things, using mixed up bright and dark colors, and tried to show the way sunlight looked on things outside.

He lived in a place called Moret, a town which has a river going through it called Le Loing.

He made many paintings of this river, from different parts of the town.
The painting Le Pont de Moret, effet d’orage means The Bridge of Moret, Storm Effect.

You can see that even though the water is blue and the sky is white, when you look closely there are colors of red, pink and orange mixed in.

(from: wikipedia - alfred sisley)

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