Sunday, August 9, 2015

Paul's Letters

We just learned about a man named Saul who became a believer in Jesus.
He later changed his name to Paul, and went on to go tell lots of other people about Jesus by visiting them or writing letters.
The greek word for letter is the word epistle, so sometimes his letters are called the Epistles of Paul or the Pauline Epistles.

These epistles were not just letters he wrote for fun to say hi to someone, they were more like instructions or small books with wisdom to help churches and people follow God's word.

He wrote 13 letters:
Romans - To Rome, Italy.
First Corinthians - To Corinth, Greece.
Second Corinthians - To Corinth, Greece.
Galatians - To Galatia, in what is now Turkey.
Ephesians - To Ephesus, in what is now Turkey.
Philippians - To Phillipi, Greece.
Colossians - To Colossae, in what is now Turkey.
First Thessalonians - To Thessalonica, Greece.
Second Thessalonians - To Thessalonica, Greece.
First Timothy - To his friend Timothy.
Second Timothy - To his friend Timothy.
Titus - To his friend Titus.
Philemon - To his friend Philemon.

(from: wikipedia - pauline epistles)

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